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Ghostbar Returns to Las Vegas

Ghostbar Returns to Las Vegas

When Palms Casino Resort reopened in April of this year, it brought many returning venues that were beloved to locals. The resort closed along with the rest of the city in mid-March 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic; however, while much the city had reopened by 2021, The Palms was sold and remained closed until this year. The reopening was celebrated by many guests and locals who had seen the property change hands since its original opening over 20 years ago.

Ghostbar Interior Las Vegas |
Ghostbar Interior (Courtesy Palms Casino Resort)

Inside the Reopening of Ghostbar

One of the original venues at Palms Casino Resort was Ghostbar—most famous for its stunning rooftop views and the harrowing glass floor that dared guests to stand and look down 55 floors to the ground below. Ghostbar reopened last week with a celebration of the venue and the new show “Midnight Skye – The Revival” by Skye Dee Miles. A “First Toast” was made to ring in the opening, and invited guests were given the opportunity to witness the new show that takes place high above the city. The event kicked off “a new era of ghost stories,” as Palms Casino Resort General Manager, Cynthia Kaiser, told the crowd.

First Toast at Ghostbar Las Vegas |
First Toast at Ghostbar (Courtesy Palms Casino Resort)

A New Era of Ghostbar

While the glass floor is gone and the space has been remodeled, the panoramic views of the Las Vegas Strip are still as beautiful as before, and fans of the former space will greatly enjoy the newly reopened venue. “We know some of you might have been here in the past. Some of you had fake IDs; we’ve heard the stories,” Kaiser joked to the audience. “We’re really excited to create a new era of Ghostbar for you and for so many other people that have yet to experience Ghostbar.

“Earlier this year, when we announced we were about to open The Palms, everyone kept asking, so are you going to reopen Ghostbar? Are you going to bring Ghostbar back? And we said yes, absolutely,” Kaiser told the audience. “We could not be more excited to bring this amazing venue with this great view back to the Las Vegas community. We really, really are excited about what’s going to come. We are going to feature some amazing drinks. And we’re going to be known for some outstanding entertainment.” The ultra lounge revamped its cocktail menu with numerous themed specials like the Ghost Story cocktail and large format beverages like Ghosting. The bar also has several Ghost Flights from Ghost Distilleries on its menu.

The Greyve Digger Cocktail at Ghostbar Las Vegas |
The Greyve Digger Cocktail at Ghostbar  (Courtesy Palms Casino Resort)

New Entertainment Offerings at Ghostbar

Crystal Robinson-Wesley, the resort’s VP of Entertainment and Activations, also addressed the crowd in regards to the debut of Ghostbar’s entertainment offerings and Skye Dee Miles. “She has crafted a show specifically for this iconic venue, and it’s titled “Midnight Skye – The Revival,” Robinson-Wesley said. “It is the rebirth of hip, cool, sexy, soulful, classy—all of that wrapped up into a funky good time. You don’t want to miss the entertainment that we have scheduled for you here in the iconic Ghostbar. We’re going to have DJs spinning Wednesday through Saturday nights. And then, on Friday and Saturday nights, you can experience Skye Dee Miles and “Midnight Skye – The Revival.”

Skye Dee Miles at Ghostbar Las Vegas |
Skye Dee Miles at Ghostbar (Courtesy Palms Casino Resort)