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Lotus of Siam is Coming to Red Rock

Lotus of Siam is Coming to Red Rock

This year is set to bring numerous changes to Red Rock Casino, Resort & Spa, including all kinds of upgrades and some fantastic new dining options. One announcement that has locals and Summerlin visitors excited is the debut of a new location for Lotus of Siam. The original location was a favorite of the late Anthony Bourdain, and the restaurant has amassed a huge following in recent years. We talked with Bua Food Group’s Penny Chutima and Lou Abin about the expansion of Lotus of Siam and two new restaurant concepts that will also be debuting at Red Rock Casino, Resort & Spa in late 2022.

Lou Abin, Penny Chutima, Kenny Okada, Saipin Chutima, Sabrina Chutima, Bill Chutima |
Lou Abin, Penny Chutima, Kenny Okada, Saipin Chutima, Sabrina Chutima, Bill Chutima (Courtesy Bua Food Group)

Bua Food Groups and Red Rock

What can you tell us about the new restaurant concepts you will be debuting at Red Rock this year?

Bua Food Group: First, we have another iteration of Lotus of Siam opening in Q4, featuring the restaurant’s classic Northern Thai menu from Chef Saipin Chutima in a high-energy atmosphere. We also are debuting Naxos Taverna and Kallisto Oyster Bar at Naxos. Naxos Taverna will be an elevated traditional style taverna featuring contemporary seafood-focused Greek cuisine. Kallisto Oyster Bar will be a traditional oyster bar with more than 25 types of fish and other seafood specialties, including the world-famous pan roast.

Can you tell us about the dining experience you want guests to have at Naxos Taverna and Kallisto Oyster Bar? What do you think will set these restaurants apart from similar concepts in Las Vegas?

Bua Food Group: Family is so important to us, so we want guests to feel welcomed and as if you’ve been invited to our home. Naxos Taverna is inspired by the taverns of Greece and is named after an island that was home to the Greek god of wine and celebration, so it’s a place to relax and enjoy a meal with your loved ones. Greek seafood cuisine is an area of opportunity in the city, especially off the Strip – there aren’t many traditional Greek restaurants out there.

Lou, most of the venues you worked with in the past have been on the Strip. Will you be bringing a touch of that Vegas Strip glamour to Summerlin with the new restaurants?

Bua Food Group: The vibe on the Las Vegas Strip is unmatched, so of course, I won’t be able to resist bringing some of that spark to Summerlin. When designing Lotus of Siam, I was inspired by authentic Thai restaurants following a trip with the family to Thailand. The ambiance is earthy and comfortable – picture lots of greenery, neutral colors, bamboo and natural sunlight. Naxos Taverna will feature natural stone accents with dusty blue hues and arches throughout the venue. We’re going to create traditional atmospheres at both venues through the decor and the cuisine – the Summerlin community is in for a treat, to say the least.

Penny, Lotus of Siam is such a beloved Vegas institution. Will the new location be a natural extension of the brand, or will you be debuting some new features or menu items?

Bua Food Group: For many Las Vegas locals, Lotus of Siam has been the go-to Thai restaurant for over 20 years. Guests can expect to see most of our signature and most-loved menu items, including khao soi and garlic prawns, as well as our award-winning wines and cocktails. We will roll out some new features at the Red Rock location, including a weekend brunch and late-night programming.

What can you tell us about the menus at Naxos Taverna and Kallisto Oyster Bar? Can you describe the process of curating the menus for these new spaces?

Bua Food Group: Executive Chef Mark Andelbradt is creating sumptuous but approachable menus that celebrate Greek cuisine, very seafood-focused, with grilled veggies, spreads, salads and more. Not to mention a killer wine list.

Koi Soi, Som Thum Tod, Thai Ceviche at Lotus of Siam Las Vegas |
Koi Soi, Som Thum Tod, Thai Ceviche at Lotus of Siam (Courtesy Bua Food Group)