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The Expert’s Guide to Las Vegas: Las Vegas Concierge

The Expert’s Guide to Las Vegas: Las Vegas Concierge

Expert Tips From a Local Concierge

Nobody knows a city like the local concierge team. With the inside track on all the best places to dine, shows to see and things to do, they’re a wealth of knowledge for all travelers. We talk with a top local hotel concierge in Las Vegas to get the inside scoop on all their expert tips.

Tyra Bell-Holland, Former SNHCA President

What should be on every visitor’s “bucket list” when visiting? 
Bell-Holland: Lately, I have been encountering adrenaline junkies! Maybe it’s because our masks are off after two years of covid restrictions! From the thrill of axe-throwing at Dueling Axes at AREA15—the only designated, modern axe throwing experience with a full bar and live music to the only 12 million dollar karaoke experience at KAMU Ultra Lounge with full bottle service and sushi open all night long! Las Vegas experiences still reign amongst the finest and most unique!

Dueling Axes at AREA15 Las Vegas |
Dueling Axes at AREA15 (©Melanie Lee)

What are your best tips for exploring Vegas like a local? 
Bell-Holland: Speaking to your Concierge! Your Concierge can tell you where to go both on and off the Strip, especially while curating a seamless evening to ensure your timing is meaningful and the evening is perfectly tailored to your expectations. For instance, which entrance to save the most time, which amazing restaurant or activity also happens to be the most conducive for the “theme” of your night, whether it be a date night, group of friends or others!

What’s an excellent spot to capture a great selfie? 
Bell-Holland: A Wrap-Around Suite at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas overlooking the Las Vegas Strip, two different directions! It’s breathtaking and what makes it extraordinarily unique is that balconies don’t exist in luxury resorts. A private balcony to enjoy the weather and views breathtaking.

What is the best suggestion you can give a first-time visitor? 
Bell-Holland: Don’t wait until you arrive in Las Vegas to plan your itinerary. It doesn’t matter if you think it’s not a “busy” weekend or not. You will are not guaranteed availability anywhere unless you book in advance. You’d be surprised how many people are shocked when same-day reservations are not available and only offered at 5 p.m. or 11 p.m. to dine.

For a guest looking for a night on the town, what would you recommend? 
Bell-Holland: A supper-club experience such as Delilah, Superfrico or The Mayfair Supper Club is always a hit, especially for groups!

The Mayfair Supper Club Live Performance on Stage Las Vegas |
The Mayfair Supper Club Live Performance on Stage (©Melanie Lee)

If someone only had 24-hours in Vegas, where would you send them? 
Bell-Holland: On the Maverick Helicopter Night Strip Tour to capture the enormity and magic of our city in a 15-minute swoop!

Where’s the best place to take kids of all ages? 
Bell-Holland: The Bellagio Conservatory & Botanical Gardens is always a family favorite; then, you can also take in the fountains too. Win-win!

Any suggestions for the best under-the-radar sites or uncommon things to do? 
Bell-Holland: An off-strip brunch in the burbs at Kitchen Table with the locals or a locals favorite party brunch at The Stove NV featuring Chambongs or going to JING for the Drukken Buddha- it’s a play on the Lemon Drop served in a martini glass with a flower bud that you chew, moving it around your mouth and it numbs your tongue and cheeks! Oh, or Dolce & Chianti in the Southwest with live music and also only two restaurants in the entire state which made Yelp’s Top 100 Restaurants 2022! So fun!

Dinng Room at Dolce & Chianti Las Vegas |
Dinng Room at Dolce & Chianti (©Melanie Lee)

What is your expert tip? 
Bell-Holland: Take transportation for a night on the town if you are with a date to avoid walking on the Strip. First of all, hotels are on acres and acres of land, so if you think traveling a few hotels on foot is reasonable, it’s not! Especially if your date is wearing heels!