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Sorry Not Sorry Creamery Opens in Las Vegas

Sorry Not Sorry Creamery Opens in Las Vegas

Anyone familiar with the Las Vegas food scene is familiar with the name Unlokt. The famous food account run by Las Vegas local Drew Belcher is a popular spot to find the best eats in Las Vegas. This weekend, Belcher officially opens his own venue, Sorry Not Sorry Creamery, in Summerlin. We chatted with him to get the scoop on the circumstances that led him to this fantastic new accomplishment and what visitors can expect from the fun flavors.

A Single Scoop at Sorry Not Sorry Creamery Las Vegas |
A Single Scoop at Sorry Not Sorry Creamery (Courtesy <a href=””>Unlokt</a>)

The Inside Scoop on Sorry Not Sorry Creamery in Las Vegas

You have a ton of experience in the food world. Has it always been a goal of yours to open your own space?
Belcher: I love building brands and watching them blossom from original ideas to colossal market monsters. Running an extremely successful F&B marketing agency, I’ve been fortunate enough to do this many times over. Now, we get to this with our very own concept that we own 100% of. Luckily, my partners Tim Dang and Kevin Whelan have operated and scaled numerous successful brands in different markets.

Double Scoop at Sorry Not Sorry Creamery Las Vegas |
Double Scoop at Sorry Not Sorry Creamery (Courtesy <a href=””>@lvfoodgoddess</a>)

What prompted you to choose ice cream as (what we all hope is) the first spot in your empire? 
Belcher: I love venturing out to new cities and exploring the local food scenes. Unfortunately, Las Vegas has been lacking in small-batch, artisan ice cream that is so prominent in other markets. We saw a huge void in the market and went all in. Tim, Kevin and I had been bouncing ideas back and forth on concepts to open, and we kept coming back to Artisan ice cream. Food trends come and go. Ice cream is something that everyone enjoys, comforts people, puts a smile on people’s faces and will always be here to stay. We wanted to create offerings that you couldn’t walk into any other shop in town or National chain brand and get the same flavors. Hopefully, Sorry, Not Sorry can be top of mind when people want a hand-crafted artisan scoop experience.

How did you use your experience to curate the menu? We’ve seen lots of fun, unique flavors on it!
Belcher: We bounced flavor ideas and creations off of each other’s minds for months before we ever even attempted to test flavors. We took inspiration from amazing local shops around the country as well as unique culinary creations we thought would explode on customers’ palettes. We believe we’ve created a balanced menu for consumers to want to come back often and try more flavors. We’ll also be releasing seasonal offerings and limited new flavors often.

Small-Batch Scoops at Sorry Not Sorry Creamery Las Vegas |
Small-Batch Scoops at Sorry Not Sorry Creamery (Courtesy <a href=””>@amberallurestyle</a>)

What do you think truly sets Sorry Not Sorry Creamery apart from other locally-owned spots in town?
Belcher: It all starts with the dairy. We source our dairy from a 100+-year-old Dairy Farm that we think produces the absolute best dairy in the entire United States. Scott Brothers Dairy in Southern California. Our ice cream has a very high butterfat percentage and the lowest overrun (amount of air let into the product) you can legally have and still be called “ice cream.” It’s a very decadent, buttery mouthfeel that consumers crave in other markets at other famous ice cream shops. We also bake and make everything from our cookies, cakes, jams, sauces, crunches etc., fresh in-house for all of our mix-ins.

What are your favorite flavors?
Belcher: Everything, to be honest. Lol. All of these flavors have been extreme labors of love. Endless hours testing, researching, screaming and fighting with each other. Lol. A few current top flavors are Bumbleberry Cheesecake Crumble. UBE Honeycomb. OG Buttercake. Vegan Churros & Fudge.

Assorted Flavors at Sorry Not Sorry Creamery Las Vegas |
Assorted Flavors at Sorry Not Sorry Creamery (Courtesy <a href=””>Unlokt</a>)