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The Five Best Brooklyn Bridge Viewpoints

The Five Best Brooklyn Bridge Viewpoints

The Brooklyn Bridge is one of the most common places that people associate with New York City. It’s been a part of the skyline for hundreds of years, and it’s a great spot to take a long walk or a sky-high selfie in the warm weather. Because of its massive size, you can see it in a number of areas throughout the neighborhood. If you’re looking for the best place to add the perfect backdrop to your city photo or just take in the view, here are some hotspots in the Big Apple where you can discover this iconic bridge.

Brooklyn Bridge Views in NYC

Boat Tours

One of the most unique ways to explore New York City is on a boat tour along the East River, where you’re sure to spot the Brooklyn Bridge along the way. There are a number of boat tours that set sail from the city’s piers every day, be it on a luxury yacht or a classic schooner. Keep your camera ready throughout the trip, so you don’t miss your chance to snap a closeup shot of the bridge. You may even ride underneath the bridge during your tour! If you want to add an extra touch of style to your voyage, join a brunch or sunset dinner cruise to set sail with a delicious meal and fantastic views along the water.

Brooklyn Bridge View From the Water New York | The Welcome Guide®
Brooklyn Bridge View From the Water (©Alexander Rotker)

The Rooftop at Pier 17

Suppose you want a true waterfront glance at the Brooklyn Bridge, head over to Pier 17 in the Financial District. This pier is known for The Rooftop, an open-air venue that becomes a popular spot in summer thanks to its outdoor concert series. However, it also offers a great view of the bridge along the East River. You can spot the bridge at any time of day when you visit, but the combination of the skyline and the water at sunset make it an ideal place to take a city selfie. Be sure to grab a bite inside at one of the Rooftop’s many restaurants and add the perfect backdrop to your meal.

Brooklyn Bridge Park

Do you want to be as close to the Brooklyn Bridge as possible but aren’t a fan of heights? You’re in luck! Brooklyn Bridge Park offers visitors the opportunity to explore all that lies underneath the bridge as well as on top. The area is filled with green fields that always have some kind of action going on, whether it be an outdoor yoga class, a chance to learn about nature at the Environmental Education Center or even a book reading! Those looking to get active can also explore the park’s multiple sports courts and play basketball, pickleball or ping pong. While most people know about what’s happening on top of the Brooklyn Bridge, you can always find fun waiting for you below it at this park.

View From Brooklyn Bridge Park New York | The Welcome Guide®
View From Brooklyn Bridge Park (©Jared Verdi)

One World Observatory

You’re guaranteed to catch a glimpse of the Brooklyn Bridge when you step inside One World Observatory. This viewpoint in Lower Manhattan takes your city trip to new heights by giving you the perfect 360° view of New York City at over 100 stories tall. You won’t have to worry about skyscrapers blocking your view of the bridge, as you’re sure to find the perfect spot inside to see it. The observatory also offers a number of different ways you can explore the bridge and other city landmarks through the hundreds of screens at Horizon Grid, a Tour Ambassador leading the way in an interactive presentation or a gourmet meal at ONE Dine.

Brooklyn Heights Promenade

Whether you call it the Brooklyn Heights Promenade or the Esplanade, this walkway in Brooklyn Heights is guaranteed to be a prime viewpoint for the Brooklyn Bridge. The path offers everything for visitors who are looking for a more scenic city trip. Its quiet atmosphere makes it a great spot to take a walk or sit on a bench to soak in the beautiful weather. One of its best features is the view of the skyline it offers, as you can find the Brooklyn Bridge standing tall alongside Downtown Manhattan and the East River. If you’re looking to add the perfect old-fashioned touch to your bridge selfie, be sure to take it with one of the promenade’s classic townhouses in the background.

View From Brooklyn Heights Promenade New York | The Welcome Guide®
View From Brooklyn Heights Promenade (©JP Valery)