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“Take Me Out”- Performer’s Guide to New York City

“Take Me Out”- Performer’s Guide to New York City

Bill Heck has captivated audiences with his mesmerizing performances. He’s made recent television appearances in productions, including Locke & Key, I Know What You Did Last Summer, and Ray Donovan: The Movie. He’s also appeared on the big screen in The Amazing Spider-Man 2. He can currently be seen on the Broadway stage in Take Me Out. We recently caught up with him to chat about his NYC favorites.

Bill Heck’s Guide to New York City

Tell us about your current Broadway role!
Heck: Kippy plays shortstop for the world-champion Empires, is the best friend to the Empires’ secretive superstar Darren Lemming, and serves as the story’s narrator. Kippy may also have a secret of his own…[cue dramatic music]

How did you get your start in performing, and in what other shows have you performed?
Heck: I was a sad high schooler, so my mom made me choose an extra-curricular activity to try and pull me out of myself. When my old cleats caused both big toenails to come off after the first day of soccer tryouts, I figured I’d audition for the school musical. That year it was Sweeney Todd. I was hooked.

My other shows include Broadway’s Cabaret, several plays at the excellent Signature Theatre Company, several seasons of Shakespeare In The Park, and many other shows off-Broadway, off-off-Broadway, off-off-off-off-off…

Michael Oberholtzer, Bill Heck, Jesse Williams in "Take Me Out" New York |
Michael Oberholtzer, Bill Heck, Jesse Williams in <em>Take Me Out</em> (©Jeremy Daniel)

What is your favorite Broadway show to see as an audience member?
Heck: I love a Broadway show that surprises me. (Take Me Out fits the bill here nicely. Pun intended.)

What are your favorite NYC local tips?
Heck: If you have the time to walk: walk. You never know what you’re gonna find, but find something you will. Also, the river is closer than you think and well worth the visit for a fresh breath.

If you’re going out for a night on the town in New York City, where would you go?
Heck: I find the East Village provides a good mix of laid-back and rowdy. If I fancy a bite or causal drink in Midtown, the West Bank Cafe is a dear theatre haunt. Never been disappointed by a late show at the Village Vanguard.

Where are your favorite spots to send family and friends when they visit?
Heck: Many of the tourist traps in NYC are actually worth the visit, so if they fancy a stereotypical sight, I say go for it. I recommend seeing both on- and off-Broadway shows. The Met is always satisfying…both art museum and opera. Central Park is a must. Get ’em downtown for…pretty much whatever.

What is your favorite meal to enjoy in NYC?
Heck: I’m a sucker for a slice. (But steer clear if a spot claims to have “the best in the city!” They’re full of it.)

Jesse Williams, Bill Heck, and Michael Oberholtzer in "Take Me Out" New York |
Jesse Williams, Bill Heck, and Michael Oberholtzer in <em>Take Me Out </em>(©Jeremy Daniel)