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Radiance Wellness Brings Immersive Workouts to Las Vegas

Radiance Wellness Brings Immersive Workouts to Las Vegas

Since its opening, AREA15 has presented a wide variety of immersive experiences, from Omega Mart by Meow Wolf to Wink World and Museum Fiasco. The venue’s Portal has hosted “Van Gogh The Immersive Experience” and experiential showings of “The Nightmare Before Christmas.” The space is now home to the Radiance Wellness Program, which consists of “Yoga and Wellness with Dray” (an immersive yoga class with audio and visuals that transport guests through projections), “Frequency Breathwork” (immersive breathing exercises), and “The Sacred Lounge – A Conscious Community Experience” (a full mind, body and spiritual experience in the immersive space).

Radiance Wellness Program's Yoga With Dray Las Vegas |
Radiance Wellness Program’s Yoga With Dray (Courtesy Bright Light Digital Art)

A Look at Radiance Wellness at AREA15

“Guests are fully captivated in the 360-degree, projection-mapped Portal while listening to ethereal music and witnessing stunning visuals,” Noah Kessler, Head of Entertainment at AREA15, told us. “The brand-new Radiance Wellness Program features a roster of rotating experiences exploring the mind, body and soul. After each event, guests are also invited to Sanctuary Lounge, made from bamboo carefully selected from the islands of Bali and Java. Sanctuary offers a tranquil place to gather, rest and reflect. Guests can also visit Oddwood Bar to mix and mingle underneath the 5,000 twinkling LED lights on the tree’s branches. The “AL1V5” Beverage Menu, offered at Oddwood and Sanctuary Lounge, features savory wellness-inspired beverages and craft mocktails designed to replenish nutrients and provide refreshment after class.”

Radiance Wellness Program's Frequency Breathwork Las Vegas |
Radiance Wellness Program’s Frequency Breathwork (Courtesy Bright Light Digital Art)

With its state-of-the-art spaces and the full use of technological advances, AREA15 is the perfect space for an elevated wellness experience. “AREA15 was originally approached by the organizers of the Frequency Breathwork and Sacred Lounge program held in the Portal, as they sought an immersive space conducive to providing a deep, psychedelic experience through the power and safety of participants’ own oxygen supply,” Kessler explained. “The Portal’s distinctive visuals and the sound system soon attracted other established wellness practitioners, allowing us to add renowned figures such as Dray Gardner, whose yoga and wellness sessions are enormously popular among wellness devotees around the Las Vegas Valley.”

Radiance Wellness Program's Sacred Lounge Las Vegas |
Radiance Wellness Program’s Sacred Lounge (Courtesy @lanskivision)

AREA15 continues to advance the experiences in Las Vegas, from cocktail journeys to transportive art exhibits. “At AREA15, we believe in offering a diversity of creative, inspiring and transformational programming that builds connection, representing a departure from anything that can be found on the Strip or elsewhere,” Kessler said. “Our wellness program introduces balance to our array of nightlife, concerts and art events while providing a platform for people to partake in wellness activity and connect to themselves and with others. We curate Radiance Wellness to spotlight hometown heroes like Dray, as well as national programs. Right now, it includes mediation, breath work, yoga, sound healing and other modalities, and we look forward to building upon the program over time.”