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Performer’s Guide to Las Vegas: Joshua Berg From Blue Man Group

Performer’s Guide to Las Vegas: Joshua Berg From Blue Man Group

The Blue Man Group has been fairly synonymous with the Las Vegas entertainment scene for decades (in fact, it was the first Las Vegas show this editor ever watched). We unmasked one of the famous blue men, Joshua Berg, and learned all about his Las Vegas favorites.

Joshua Berg of Blue Man Group

What brought you to Las Vegas? 
Berg- Blue Man Group! I came here from Chicago to temporarily fill a vacancy in the show. I was supposed to be here seven months….that was in 2016.

Where are you from, and how long have you lived in Las Vegas? 
Berg- I am from Luton, England… it’s a town 30 miles north of London. I grew up in London, so the city feels like home. I’ve lived in Vegas for five years.

What do you love best about Las Vegas? 
Berg- The weather! I mean, the summer is brutal, but the rest of the year is pretty perfect. Coming from England, where it’s generally grey and damp, the bright blue sky of the Desert never grows old ….. it’s perfect for enjoying my second favorite thing—the incredible natural beauty on my doorstep!! Whether it’s the rugged Desert, the mighty Colorado, snowboarding on the Mountains or kayaking on lakes. It’s all right here, and it’s epic.

What is your favorite way to spend an evening/afternoon if you’re going to the Strip?
Berg- Go for a fancy dinner, see a show and then go dancing! There is so much to do, so many different bars, restaurants, and shows that you simply can’t do them all—every time is different.

Joshua Berg with Bella |
Joshua Berg with Bella (Courtesy Joshua Berg)

What is your favorite spot to bring visiting family and friends? 
Berg- Mt. Charleston! People visiting have no idea it’s there, and it’s totally unexpected for what people imagine of Las Vegas. It’s just outside the city, and in the heat of summer, it’s about 30 degrees cooler and becomes a refuge from the Desert Sun; in the winter, I can be snowboarding down a mountain within an hour from my front door!

Where are some of your favorite places to go and things to do in Las Vegas on your day off?
Berg- On my day off, I’ll often go hiking with my dog out at Lake Mead or Red Rock Canyon—enjoy the sunshine and incredible scenery, and then go to the Arts District and grab a local beer (or two!) at one of the many breweries!

Five Facts about Joshua Berg

Joshua Berg Headshot |
Headshot (Courtesy Joshua Berg)
    • I am a Yoga Instructor—I studied at an Ashram in the Indian Himalayas.
    • Before “Blue Man Group,” I was Dance Captain on “Wicked the Musical” and have appeared in Shakespeare’s “Much Ado About Nothing” and “As You Like It” in London’s West End.
    • I have a Pitbull named Bella, who I rescued two years ago.
    • I’ve been a Vegetarian since 2014.
    • I ran the London Marathon in 2013—I loved it; it was an incredible experience. Since then, I haven’t run further than 3 miles in one go…