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An Inside Look at Vanderpump à Paris

An Inside Look at Vanderpump à Paris

Paris Las Vegas has recently become a culinary hub of decadent dining options. One of the first in the new lineup was Vanderpump à Paris, which opened this spring (we had the chance to check out the venue on the opening day during a media preview). We recently caught up with Lisa Vanderpump to chat about the delicious menu and the stunning design.

Vanderpump à Paris at Paris Las Vegas Grand Opening |
Vanderpump à Paris at Paris Las Vegas Grand Opening (Courtesy Caesars Entertainment)

Exploring Vanderpump à Paris With Lisa Vanderpump

One step inside Vanderpump à Paris, and you’ll feel as though you’ve been transported out of Las Vegas to a rainy day in Paris. “My family and I lived in France for many years, and my design partner Nick Alain has spent a large amount of time in Paris as well, so we really wanted to capture the feeling of this romantic and beautiful city in the decor,” Vanderpump explained. “From the moment you enter, with the windows overlooking the Eiffel tower framing the bar and the water streaming down the panes, we wanted you to feel that you’d somehow been magically transported to Paris. The rain made it feel authentic and really brought a great atmosphere to the restaurant – like you were sheltered in a special place with the outside world of Paris going on around you.”

Vanderpump à Paris Interior Las Vegas |
Vanderpump à Paris Interior (©Ernesto Garrido)

Vanderpump also spoke of the interior design during the opening. “Everything you see in here is bespoke,” she had said. “Every single chair you’re sitting on has been made in the Vanderpump Factory, and every pillow has been carefully crafted by us. I can tell you—there are no assistants, there are no other designers. This has really been our labor of love. It was a dream, and we’ve brought our dream to fruition.”

The menu features a delightful selection of whimsical eats (like the stunning Birdcage aux Fromages and Birdcage du Charcuterie) to traditional dishes (like the Cast Iron Ratatouille and the Baked Brie en Croûte) and modern interpretations of classic items (like the Goat Cheese Cakes and the Coq Au Vin Pot Pie).

Vanderpump à Paris Menu Selection Las Vegas |
Vanderpump à Paris Menu Selection (©Palm + Ocean)

“We knew from the beginning that, although we wanted a French menu, we didn’t want the overdone staples you find on the menu at most French places,” Vanderpump said of the menu curation process. “So the menu creation really stemmed from reimagining a lot of these classics into dishes that are fun and playful. We do have a few items that transfer over from our other places – we often have a version of our famous Goat Cheese Balls, for instance ! – but everything on this menu has a French twist! We wanted everything to be absolutely delicious and unique, and we are so thrilled at the response our food has received!”

If you find the menu overwhelming, take a page out of Lisa Vanderpump’s order. “I love it all! Because we create and design the menu ourselves, I normally love everything on our menus,” she told us. “You’ll definitely find me indulging in some Caviar Bites (caviar and creme fraiche on top of 30 layers of dauphinoise potatoes), the Trio de Tartares, and Le Poisson (a seared loup de mer with crispy spinach and a lemon amandine sauce). And don’t forget the creme brulee stuffed beignets for dessert!”

Vanderpump à Paris Desserts Las Vegas |
Vanderpump à Paris Desserts (©Palm + Ocean)

Make sure to check out the delightful and picturesque (read Instagrammable) cocktail menu that perfectly complements the fun French menu. “On the cocktail menu, I love just about everything—our cocktails really go above and beyond in terms of flavor and design,” Vanderpump said. “I am partial to the Pinky’s Poison (a G&T with hibiscus, cucumber and roses) or the Louvre at First Sight (a smoked prickly pear mezcal margarita that is served in a glass pyramid filled with smoke and roses!) The one thing we really understand as restaurateurs is that you eat and drink with your eyes first, so everything in this restaurant is VERY visual!”

The No. 5 at Vanderpump à Paris Las Vegas |
The No. 5 at Vanderpump à Paris (©Melanie Lee)