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Vinny Guadagnino Returns to Chippendales Las Vegas

Vinny Guadagnino Returns to Chippendales Las Vegas

Vinny Guadagnino—currently starring in MTV’s Jersey Shore Family Vacation (and one of the stars of the original series Jersey Shore and Double Shot at Love) is back in Las Vegas for his third appearance at Chippendales inside Rio All-Suites Hotel and Casino. The reality show star’s previous limited engagements at the show were highly sought after, and his current appearance was originally scheduled for 2020.

“The world is finally getting back to normal. I didn’t think I was ever going to do this again,” Guadagnino said while talking to the press, “I didn’t know if Chippendales, Vegas, the world was ever going to do this again, but here I am.”

Vinny Guadagnino Returns to "Chippendales" Las Vegas |
Vinny Guadagnino Returns to “Chippendales” (©Melanie Lee)

He also joked, “Pauly always tells me he comes every night just to wait for me to return. He has a seat right in the front.” “Jersey Shore” castmate Pauly D. is a regular on the Las Vegas DJ scene.
The opening night for his third appearance also marks the 20th Anniversary of “Chippendales” Las Vegas. The show has since become synonymous with Las Vegas and an iconic part of the entertainment scene. The occasion was marked with a red carpet event and an elaborate “Chippendales” cake.
We caught up with the reality star on the red carpet and chatted with him about Las Vegas, “Chippendales,” and what fans can expect from his return (other than that viral shower scene). Catch him on stage every weekend when the “Chippendales” performs now through April 10.

"Chippendales" Cast Celebrate 20 Years in Las Vegas |
Chippendales Cast Celebrate 20 Years in Las Vegas (©Melanie Lee)

Chippendales Welcomes Vinny Guadagnino Back On Stage

WT: How does it feel to be back in Las Vegas and Chippendales?
Guadagnino: It feels great. You know, I was locked down like everybody else, so now I’m kind of like, shocked to see crowds and people. But it’s great; it’s going to be amazing.

What can fans expect from your appearance?
Guadagnino: You can expect everything you always expect from the Chippendales guys, the show. They’re amazing; they’re talented; I feel like they’ve gotten even better since the last time that I was here, and it just adds another element to it with me here. You know, I jump into certain things, I have some things that are my own, and we added some new acts that are just for myself that you’re going to see.

Does your reality TV background make you more comfortable and less self conscious on stage?
Guadagnino: It’s not even just the reality TV because some of my other cast members would never do this. It’s just me like I feel very comfortable being on stage. The audience here loves you, you know what I mean? They’re just here to have a good time and I love it. I feel at home when I’m on the stage.

Are there any places in Las Vegas you try to hit up whenever you’re in town?
Guadagnino: Yeah, I have my dinner spots that I usually go to, but I definitely want to do more hiking and outdoorsy stuff this time. Go to Red Rock and places a little further out. I go to different nightclubs, and my boy Pauly D. spins all over Vegas, so I go to visit him when he’s DJing.

Vinny Guadagnino Celebrates the 20th Anniversary of "Chippendales" Las Vegas (©Melanie Lee)
Vinny Guadagnino Celebrates the 20th Anniversary of Chippendales (©Melanie Lee)