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The Biggest and Best BrewDog is in Las Vegas

The Biggest and Best BrewDog is in Las Vegas

BrewDog, a craft brewery founded in 2007, has quickly made a name for itself in the international beer community with its bold and innovative brews. Now, the brewery is making its Las Vegas debut with its first location in the city, bringing with it a carbon-negative bar and unparalleled Strip views from its rooftop patio. With exclusive menu items and over 96 taps, including both BrewDog favorites and guest beers from local breweries, this BrewDog location is set to be a must-visit destination for craft beer lovers.

BrewDog Las Vegas Set to Open in December

BrewDog is located in the heart of Las Vegas on the Strip, with multiple levels offering a variety of experiences. “Las Vegas is a cultural hub and iconic city, not only for the US but for the world. As the world’s largest craft brewery, it only made sense for us to open our largest, 30,000 square foot location on The Strip,” James Watt, BrewDog’s CEO and Co-Founder, said of the new location. “With over 41 million visitors each year, we’re able to share our amazing lineup of craft beer with not only Las Vegas locals but those visiting the western US and people from around the globe, alongside collaborating with epic local breweries and featuring them on our 96 taps.”

BrewDog Las Vegas Interior |
BrewDog Las Vegas Interior (Courtesy BrewDog)

A Taste of BrewDog

The 96 taps at the bar include a diverse range of styles, from hoppy IPAs to malty brown ales and fruity sour beers. Alongside BrewDog’s signature offerings, the taps also feature rotating selections from local craft breweries. As for food, the menu features not only BrewDog staples like pizzas and tacos but also elevated options such as lobster and Wagyu beef burgers.

“Similar to all our menus around the world, our menu will hold 50% vegetarian and vegan options as part of our mission to be more sustainable and allow guests to join us on this journey,” Watt said of the menu. “We are taking our food menu to new Las Vegas heights with signature dishes reflecting both our Scottish roots as well as our new Las Vegas home.”

BrewDog has two separate food programs, including a bar menu filled with BrewDog classics in the taproom on the third floor. “Our truly epic stand-outs have to be the Lobster Chip Butty (Lobster + Fries inside a bread roll), Yorkshire puddings with beef dripping gravy, deep fried Mars Bar (a Scottish delicacy!), Full Scottish Breakfast, and Haggis,” Watt told us. “We also have a stand-out epic beer…but you’ll have to hold tight for that one.”

BrewDog Las Vegas Fourth Floor |
BrewDog Las Vegas Fourth Floor (Courtesy BrewDog)

A Beer Lover’s Paradise

BrewDog’s massive selection of taps and small-batch brews, combined with its unique and indulgent menu offerings, make it a paradise for beer lovers. With the ability to try new and exclusive beers alongside delicious food options, BrewDog offers a truly unique and enjoyable experience for any beer fan. “We’re excited to bring our world-class, independent beer to Las Vegas,” Watt told us. “Not only will we offer our headliners, like Punk IPA, Hazy Jane and our now world-famous Elvis Juice, we’ll also have 96 taps, one of our largest beer offerings in any BrewDog bar in the world, including pouring beer from local guest breweries such as Able Baker brewery and Love Lady Brewing.”

BrewDog also looks to bring the freshest selections to the Las Vegas Strip. “With a 10-barrel pilot brewery on-site, our brewers will always have fresh, Vegas exclusives pouring, including plans to collaborate with customers, local beer fans, businesses, and other craft breweries; making beer together is such a great way to bring communities together,” Watt explained.

BrewDog Las Vegas Roof |
BrewDog Las Vegas Roof (Courtesy BrewDog)

Location, Location, Location

The third and fourth floors of the Showcase Mall house a large rooftop bar with sweeping views of the Strip and the surrounding Vegas Valley. On the fourth floor, visitors can also marvel at a 4,000-square-foot LED cube with a towering illuminated sign displaying the company’s iconic logo. With its unique features and commitment to sustainability, the BrewDog Las Vegas location is sure to be a stand-out in the company’s global portfolio.

“When we first viewed this empty building directly opposite the MGM Park Casino, the roof and the jaw-dropping views of the city and its landmarks was what made us immediately fall in love with this location,” Watt said of the space. “We think this is one of the best views and certainly one of the most unique vistas of the city and its iconic resorts. Our large taproom benefits from a fully functional Brewery enabling us to make beer in Las Vegas capturing the creativity of our local team members, and being able to collaborate with beer fans and other local craft brewers in the city.”

Sustainability Efforts

“Our intentions as a craft beer company are as resolute as they were when we started brewing Punk IPA 15 years ago; to make other people as passionate about great craft beer as we are. Our carbon, our problem,” Watt explained. “When we count ‘our carbon,’ we count all of it; this includes not just the direct emissions which occur at our breweries and bars and the emissions from electricity we purchase, but also the emissions from our entire supply chain, globally. We remove twice as much carbon from the atmosphere as we omit.”

Sustainability is at the forefront of BrewDog’s goals. “At BrewDog, we have an unwavering commitment to sustainability,” Watt told us. “We firmly believe that we need to protect our home planet to make sure we have a planet to brew beer on in the future. In 2020 we bought a 9000-acre plot of land in the Scottish Highlands to plant trees on, our Lost Forest. We have invested millions into producing beer in a more sustainable manner, from our anaerobic digestion plant at the brewery in Ellon to sourcing our energy for our breweries and bars around the world from solar and wind.”

BrewDog Las Vegas Iconic Marquee |
BrewDog Las Vegas Iconic Marquee (Courtesy BrewDog)