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Tao Beach Returns This Spring

Tao Beach Returns This Spring

If you’ve visited the Las Vegas pool club scene in the last 15-20 years, you’ve heard the name Tao Beach. As the original dayclub of Las Vegas, Tao Beach held a world-class party scene in a hidden oasis within The Venetian Resort’s pool complex.

The famous pool club reopens its doors with a grand opening celebration on April 2 and 3 after a massive two-year renovation, expansion and reimagining of the space. The redesigned dayclub is the last step in the complete overhaul of the five-acre pool deck of The Venetian Resort

“We are thrilled because we know Tao will be elevating the dayclub experience of Las Vegas, bringing a new level of luxury,” ​​Chief Marketing Officer of The Venetian Resort Las Vegas, Marcy Miles, said during a press tour of the construction site. .

“We’re excited to be here at The Venetian; we obviously were the first club that started the dayclub experience. Tao Beach was the first dayclub that had its own venue, that was open seven days a week as a dayclub,” Tao Group Hospitality Co-CEO Jason Strauss said of the impending opening. We talked with him about what guests can expect at the newly imagined Tao Beach, the challenges of the massive expansion and what remains from the former dayclub.

Aerial Rendering of Tao Beach Las Vegas |
Aerial Rendering of Tao Beach (Courtesy Rockwell Group)

Tao Beach Reopens Spring 2022 at The Venetian Resort Las Vegas

The Old Tao Beach Versus The New Tao Beach

“This was the mothership of Las Vegas; it’s the mother of the entire company. This is close and near and dear to our hearts, especially mine, because I came out here 16 years ago to open Tao restaurant shortly after opening Tao Beach. We had a great run but soon realized the size and scope just wasn’t catching up to where the market was going, so for us just to see the evolution of now and to be able to come to the market with something that’s going to be top-notch and first in class, it’s great to see. It’s almost like seeing a baby grow up from where it was to now. It has a really emotional meaning to the company, especially since I was intimately involved in the first iteration of Tao Beach,” Strauss explained to members of the press as we toured the construction site (with hard hats and construction vests, of course).

The new Tao Beach will be considerably larger than the old space, with 21 luxury cabanas and a capacity for 3,000 visitors. “I think the most challenging part is really working within the confines of what used to be Tao Beach and what is now Tao Beach. We were given a great new footprint and just really had a massive plan; a giant footprint like this took a lot of details, a lot of design work with our partners at Rockwell Group Agency out of New York City and The Venetian and really seeing this footprint and seeing how to master plan and revolutionize what Las Vegas day life could be,” Strauss told us.

Tao Beach Construction Site Las Vegas |
Tao Beach Construction Site 

As frequent visitors to the old Tao Beach, we had some questions of our own. The iconic space had numerous pieces of art and pottery that made it unique. Would they be kept? “There were some really unique artifacts and sculptures and pots that we had brought over from Thailand, the original ones,” Strauss said. “We saved them, and we restored them, and they are cosmetically being reintroduced to the venue here. We saved what we could, you know, Tao Beach was out of service for a couple of years. We saved some remnants of that. Some of the iconic sculptures and artifacts we procured when we went to Laos, Vietnam and Thailand.”

And what about the menu? “The menu is really an upgraded version; our head chef-partner has really challenged the team to bring up a whole new level of cuisine. Before, Tao Beach was really known as the best food offering for dayclubs because it was the restaurant procuring it,” Strauss explained. “A lot of the dayclubs here are just putting out hamburgers and French fries. It’s just what they’re capable of, but here, we really have the ability and the culinary infrastructure to deliver amazing food. We’re going to elevate what it was before, and that menu is really coming down the line.”

Inspiration and Design

“The inspiration really comes from being a Balinese garden and taking all the best features from Tao- the gracious hospitality, the food, the design that’s known throughout the country at all Tao venues and trying to really embody that here at Tao Beach and elevate it in a dayclub setting. Expect really lush greenery, specific cosmetics and statues and elements brought from overseas from Southeast Asia to really bring this whole concept to life. We really made it a massive “wow” pool club with two giant pools, two giant bars, an amazing technologically advanced DJ booth for the top talent in the world to come. We couldn’t be more excited,” Strauss said as he pointed out different areas of the site.

“I think the transportive nature of the design is really going to be the wow. You’re going to walk in here, and you’re not going to feel like you’re in Las Vegas. You’re going to feel like you were transported to Southeast Asia, and you’re going to feel like you’re at one of those famous pool clubs in Thailand. A lot of details and design elements were brought over from the region to really make you feel like you were transported.”

Tao Beach reopens at The Venetian Resort with a grand opening celebration on April 2 and 3.

Tao Beach Pool Rendering Las Vegas |
Tao Beach Pool Rendering (Courtesy Rockweill Group)