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A New Taste of Italy on the Upper West Side

A New Taste of Italy on the Upper West Side

Osteria Accademia is the newest addition to the Upper West Side dining scene, bringing a taste of Mediterranean flavors to New York City. Led by restaurateurs Huseyin Ozer and Murat Akinci, the restaurant aims to create a cozy atmosphere for locals to enjoy fine Italian cuisine and good conversation in the Big Apple. With its nod to the universities and academies in NYC, Osteria Accademia is sure to be a hit among the intellectual crowd.

An Evening at Osteria Accademia in New York City

After perusing the menu at Osteria Accademia, it becomes clear that each dish is carefully crafted to showcase the diversity and flavors of Italian cuisine. “As we evoke that sense of comfort with our design, we wanted to support it equally with our food. Osteria Accademia (Accademia for short) pays homage to classic New York Italian-American restaurants, where delicious meals are served in settings both comfortable and unpretentious,” Ozer and Akinci explained.

Burrata at Osteria Accademia New York |
Burrata at Osteria Accademia (©Charissa Fay)

An Italian Oasis in the Heart of Manhattan

The Vitello Tonnato is a unique twist on a classic dish, and the Eggplant Parmesan is cooked to perfection in a hot cast iron pan. The house-made meatballs in tomato sauce, known as Polpettine, are also a standout dish. With ingredients imported from Italy and dishes representing different regions of the country, diners at Osteria Accademia are sure to have a truly authentic and satisfying culinary experience.

“Accademia’s menu includes house-made fresh pastas, plus favorites like Vitello Tonnato, Polpetine, Chitarra Verde, Chicken Parm, and an elevated Linguini della Nonna (Grandma’s Linguini),” Ozer and Akinci said of their menu standouts. “And don’t forget the Vino! Accademia includes select wines from small vineyards throughout Italy, along with beers and Italian sodas.”

Ravioli at Osteria Accademia New York |
Ravioli at Osteria Accademia (©Charissa Fay)

Wine, Dine & Relax

In addition to wine and beer, the Beverage Program at Osteria Accademia features a selection of handcrafted cocktails inspired by Italian ingredients and flavors. The expert bartenders utilize the freshest ingredients and spirits to create unique and delicious drinks for diners to enjoy. The Beverage Program at Osteria Accademia truly offers something for everyone’s tastes.

Steelhead Salmon at Osteria Accademia New York |
Steelhead Salmon at Osteria Accademia (©Charissa Fay)

An Osteria Like No Other

The design at Osteria Accademia combines elements of a cozy library and wine bar, creating a unique atmosphere for diners. The bookshelves filled with vintage titles add a literary touch, while the incorporation of wine bottles adds to the sophisticated ambiance. The small wine bar at the back provides an intimate space for enjoying a glass or two. Overall, the design creates a cozy and intellectual environment perfect for enjoying a delicious meal and stimulating conversation.

“We wanted to create a space that would evoke comfort & curiosity for the guest; also to draw from everyone’s experiences of their years of college & education,” Ozer and Akinci said of the space.

“The word ‘Accademia’ means “a life, community, world of schools, teachers and education” and is quite appropriate as the place is close to Columbia University & many schools in the neighborhood. The word is also a reference to a library, a meeting place, and a place for conversation—and is the inspiration for our comfortably stylish interior. Some 3500 vintage books repurposed from a decommissioned library line the glowing bookshelves of the room, creating an inviting, sound-controlled, and conversation-starting setting to enjoy great food & wine with friends.”

Olive Oil Cake at Osteria Accademia New York |
Olive Oil Cake at Osteria Accademia (©Charissa Fay)