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Resorts World Las Vegas Opens Vegas Loop Station

Resorts World Las Vegas Opens Vegas Loop Station

The Vegas Loop Expands to Resorts World Las Vegas

Resorts World Las Vegas is now that much closer to the Las Vegas Convention Center. The resort debuted its brand new Vegas Loop Station, which can be easily accessed under The District retail arcade of the resort between Wally’s Wine & Spirits and Fred Segal. We got to go for a ride inside the tunnel and got a look at what it took to ensure the safety of all the passengers inside the Vegas Loop.

The Boring Company introduced the Vegas Loop to the Las Vegas Convention Center over a year ago; the loop was meant to help alleviate traffic congestion and parking concerns around the convention center and its numerous access points. Guests can access the loop at multiple stations around the different convention center halls, where Tesla vehicles whisk them to the next access point in minutes via an underground tunnel.

Sample of Concrete Slabs Used to Build the Vegas Loop Tunnels |
Sample of Concrete Slabs Used to Build the Vegas Loop Tunnels (©Melanie Lee)

Connecting Convention Center Visitors

Resorts World Las Vegas’s new station is the first station off the convention center grid. “Once we heard that the Vegas Loop was going to happen across the street at the convention center, we knew immediately that we had to connect it to Resorts World. We’ve been working on it since they announced that one,” Scott Sibella, Resorts World Las Vegas President, told us at the debut. “Our goal was to have the tunnel ready by the time we opened, and we missed it a little bit, but we got there. We’re excited to unveil the tunnel and be connected to the convention center.”

The new station will mean an increase in convention center guests for the resort as well. “I think it’s a big advantage for Resorts World,” Sibella said. “I think convention guests will want to stay here because it’s so easy to come down the escalators to the station, jump in a Tesla and get over there in less than a minute. It’s just easy access for guests. So I think we think it’s a big advantage for us.”

Resorts World Las Vegas also recently announced a partnership with EVolve Rentals—a unique Tesla car rental service on property that allows guests to rent the energy-efficient vehicles on the property. “We were committed to being technology savvy when we opened this property, in how we operate the casino, how we are virtually cashless throughout the whole property, our air quality, things like that. We’re all about technology. So it’s just adding to what we do here,” Sibella told us.

Safety Precautions of the Vegas Loop

Some early reports from riders who had ridden in the Vegas Loop addressed unfounded safety concerns and seemed to not fully understand the concept’s purpose or the technology and safety behind it. We talked with Steve Hill, CEO and President of the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority, who outlined the extensive permit requirements and precautions taken to secure authorization to build the tunnels (a unique fire vehicle was made exclusively for the Vegas Loop since traditional fire trucks would not fit and we personally saw a security vehicle on patrol).

While some had mentioned the concerns over exits in the tunnel, emergency exits can be found throughout the tunnel (we saw them ourselves). “Every station can be used as an emergency exit, but additional emergency exits are built-in along the way. So you’re within 1500 feet of the ability to walk out if anything happens,” Hill told us. “They can tow cars from both sides, and there are four different communication systems, one dedicated completely to police and fire in the system itself. So when you go into the system, you’ll see a cable conduit on the ceiling. That’s the communication system for police and fire that’s dedicated directly to them hardwired into their system.”

Hill also pointed out the safety compared to other transportation options in major cities. “On a subway, f you have a problem in the subway, you probably are stuck; you probably can’t leave. And if you try and leave, you’re going to be walking next to a 750-volt electric rail that is powering that subway,” he explained. “This is just a car on an asphalt road, in a tunnel, you’re walking on the ground; if you’re in a wheelchair, you could get in your wheelchair and just wheel away from the car. It is very simple, and because of its inherent nature, it’s a very safe system. Every precaution has been taken to keep it safe.”