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Experience Dinosaurs Up Close at Dinos Alive

Experience Dinosaurs Up Close at Dinos Alive

With the summer release of the new “Jurassic World” film, dinosaurs and their existence are once again at the forefront of curiosity. The new Dinos Alive exhibit from Fever and Exhibition Hub is the perfect immersive exploration of dinosaurs and is currently on view in Los Angeles and Seattle. The exhibit will soon be coming to other major cities, including Atlanta, Las Vegas, New York, Orlando, Philadelphia and Washington, DC.

Inside Dinos Alive

The exhibit is more than just dinosaur figures and digital projections. “We designed Dinos Alive with the goal of taking our guests back in time to the Mesozoic Era when dinosaurs ruled the world,” Exhibition Hub’s Mario Lacampo told us. “To achieve this, we undertook in-depth research of the era but always kept on the lookout for Wonder. We looked at dinosaurs and their world through the lens of an ever-curious, childlike paleontologist. Each design decision we made was checked against this goal of complete immersion in a world of surprise and delight, and our guests are thrilled with the result.” The exhibit features a virtual aquarium of Jurassic era species and a VR experience that allows further immersion into the natural habitat of the dinosaurs.

Virtual Aquarium at Dinos Alive Los Angeles |
Virtual Aquarium at (Courtesy Dinos Alive)

The design of the visuals required extensive research too. “To create our visuals for Dinos Alive, we turned to the excellent dinosaur research that has been conducted over more than a century and focused on the latest scientific illustrations and biomechanical studies to deliver the most authentic experience possible,” Lacampo explained. “When you walk up to a dinosaur, and it moves, the feeling is incredibly lifelike—as though it’s right there in the jungle with you.”

Dinos Alive features numerous models that visitors can see up close with plenty of fun, educational details on each species. There are actually over 80 different models throughout the exhibit. “We worked closely with researchers, paleontologists, and scientific artists to design the dinosaurs in Dinos Alive.” We focused on identifying the most accurate representations of how dinosaurs looked and how they moved to bring them to life as if you really had gone back in time. The entirety of Dinos Alive is so filled with fun facts and stats about dinosaurs that it’s unlikely you can absorb it all the first time. We have guests that come back multiple times, Lacampo told us.

Educational Fun at Dinos Alive Los Angeles |
Educational Fun at (Courtesy Dinos Alive)

Visitors can also expect to see more obscure species at Dinos Alive. “The experience starts with the very first dinosaur thought to have roamed the planet, the Coelophysis (see-luh-fai-sis). It’s a very important dinosaur, but one not a lot of us have heard about. We feature lesser-known dinosaurs throughout the experience – including in our undersea gallery where guests descend to the depth and get to play with the dinosaurs and massive fishes that swam in the prehistoric ocean.”

In addition to the lifelike models and visual immersions, Dinos Alive has a special “Budding Experts” section that allows visitors a look at the paleontology studies where they can learn about the Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous periods through fun interaction. Lacampo suggests thoroughly taking your time to enjoy the exhibit to its fullest. “My recommendation is to bring your sense of wonder and endless curiosity to Dinos Alive and to take your time exploring. There is so much to experience and learn throughout this 50,000-square-foot experience – something new at every turn. And, of course, get ready for the thrill of a lifetime: a chance to ride your very own dinosaur.”

Budding Experts Interaction at "Dinos Alive" Los Angeles |
Budding Experts Interaction (Courtesy Dinos Alive)