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QC NY Spa Opens in New York

QC NY Spa Opens in New York

QC NY Spa has officially opened in New York this month. Following a period of early access and press previews, the spa opened its doors to guests on March 4. QC NY Spa has over 20 different wellness experiences onsite, each with a different theme and vibe (like the “City Sauna” with walls that depict the beloved NYC skyline).

The facilities are designed to be a wellness day escape for those in search of some relaxation and time to reset from the day-to-day, but don’t think that it means to take you away from New York—the property has unparalleled views of the city that can be enjoyed from its outdoor spaces. QC NY Spa is the first of the spa group’s properties outside of Europe and is housed within historic Army Barracks on Governor’s Island. We chatted with a representative of QC NY Spa to get the inside scoop on what visitors can expect.

Skyline Views From QC NY Spa New York |
New York Skyline Views (Courtesy QC NY Spa)

Inside QC NY Spa

What sets QC NY apart from other spas of its kind?
QC NY Spa: The founders, brothers Saverio and Andrea Quadrio Curzio, have built a world-class wellness experience in Europe and are delighted to bring their passion for spas and wellness to New York. The QC NY location is designed around a unique set of restored landmark buildings on Governors Island and the most extraordinary city views.

After a quick ferry ride, guests are transported to a tranquil world of relaxation. A guest will experience unobstructed and iconic views of Manhattan, Brooklyn and New Jersey. Admiring the skyline in a bathrobe while restoring your wellbeing is part of the delight at QC NY.

Are there any new, innovative aspects entirely unique to QC NY?
QC NY Spa: In any city or building that we renovate, we put ourselves in the position of our guest. We try to bring the Italian character of the Roman baths to each location, so we never forget the influence of the history and culture. Rather, we enhance the beauty that already exists.

The spaces are designed similar to our locations in Europe but have a NY spin. For example, we have a sauna that faces downtown Manhattan. The sauna door opens to a terrace where guests can soak in the views of the Freedom Tower, One World Trade Center and the surrounding city skyline. The interior of the sauna is also designed to show off the unique skyline. The special wood is di-cut to mirror the skyline. It is an extraordinary and one-of-a-kind experience.

City Sauna at QC NY Spa New York |
City Sauna (Courtesy QC NY Spa )

What aspects of the European locations were brought over to the New York space?
QC NY Spa: The attention to detail and Italian heritage is found around every corner. All of our installations are unique to the location. The outdoor gardens, relaxation rooms, saunas, and lounge areas are all designed to mirror the wellness experience we have in Europe, with local touches.

Every window and experience continues to keep the iconic New York City views front and center. The other incredible aspect is the “feeling” upon entering the Spa. You truly feel like you have arrived home. The walls, furnishings and warmth found inside the buildings give each guest a welcome like no other Spa. We truly want every guest to feel like an extension of our QC family.

What experiences are the most popular in Europe? Do you think that will translate to the New York location?
QC NY Spa: The key to success is enabling guests to experience wellbeing in a way that satisfies their unique needs. Some guests experience wellness with a loved one, while others want to decompress alone and allow for some “me time.”

Our wellness experience provides a collection of experiences to meet guests’ needs. There are saunas, relaxation rooms, Vichy showers, foot baths and massage services. QC NY is a magical location and truly provides the mental and physical retreat we all need.

If you were to recommend the perfect spa day at QC NY, what would you suggest for visitors?
QC NY Spa: If a visitor is looking for the perfect spa day, we recommend checking in early to enjoy a full day of relaxation. Check-in around 10 a.m., slip into a robe and sandals and wander. Find your way into our fireplace relaxation room and read a book. Then enjoy a foot bath or detox in one of our steam rooms or saunas.

After lunch, take a midday nap on our infrared beds and let the warmth of the lamps lull you to sleep. Then wait until the sunset and enter into our outdoor gardens; capture the moment as the golden sun hits the city skyline while you enjoy the views in a bathrobe. It’s the perfect QC NY spa day.

Total Relaxation at QC NY Spa New York |
Total Relaxation (Courtesy QC NY Spa)