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New York City Guide: A Day on Canal Street

New York City Guide: A Day on Canal Street

Like the canal it was named after, Canal Street connects many Lower Manhattan neighborhoods to become a New York City hotspot. It’s the heart of Chinatown, SoHo, Little Italy and Tribeca all at once! Today, it stands as one of the biggest commercial districts in the city. If there’s one place that’s sure to be a shopaholic’s paradise, it’s this bustling street with every store you can imagine.


Canal Street is a significant part of Chinatown, and its restaurants have been influenced by it as well. Many of them cook Asian-inspired meals that help bring the neighborhood to life with each bite. However, other cultures like Italian and even Hawaiian call Canal Street home as well. Their restaurants use all-natural cooking in their meals, so you’ll be eating healthy during your day in the city. No matter what flavor you’re craving, you’re sure to find a meal that’s both good and good for you.

Tuna Ikura Don From Chikarashi (Courtesy Chikarashi) New York |
Tuna Ikura Don From Chikarashi (Courtesy Chikarashi)


Canal Street takes great pride in its reputation as a shopping destination. Everywhere you look, there’s a new shop waiting for you to step inside. Most of its stores are located inside the Canal Street Market, a shopping mall with restaurants and community events. The Market holds everything from jewelry to one-of-a-kind clothing to home goods. If you’re looking for the perfect shopping spree, you’ll find it on this street.

Clothes From Friend of a Friend Studio (©Kevin Tai/Courtesy Friend of a Friend Studio) New York |
Clothes From Friend of a Friend Studio (©Kevin Tai/Courtesy <a href=””>Friend of a Friend Studio</a>)&nbsp;


Like most of the sites in the area, Canal Street connects you to many bars hidden within the city’s blocks. Pair one of their specialty drinks with classic bar food, and you have the perfect afternoon. Some bars are as old as the city itself while others are new and created with the latest trends. No matter where you go, they all have one goal in mind: To know you’re having fun! Every bar always has something going on, so you’ll find a way to sip your drink with a smile.

Cocktail at Ear Inn (Courtesy Ear Inn) New York |
Cocktail at Ear Inn (Courtesy Ear Inn)&nbsp;


Canal Street holds plenty of activities in the area for you to enjoy. The Canal Street Market is the most popular attraction in the area, but there’s lots of fun to be had surrounding it as well. The street acts as a border between many Lower Manhattan neighborhoods, so there’s something new to try no matter where you go. Play with some slime at Sloomoo Institute, visit a piece of history at the Bloody Angle or try your hand at art at The Drawing Center.

Market in Chinatown (©Brittany Petronella/NYC & Company) New York |
Market in Chinatown (©Brittany Petronella/NYC &amp; Company)