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New York City Guide: A Trip to Tribeca

New York City Guide: A Trip to Tribeca

Tribeca is one of the hippest neighborhoods in Lower Manhattan. After a significant remodeling in the 1960s and 70s, it’s become a prime location for people to visit when they go to New York City. Hollywood has even called it home now and then thanks to the variety of celebrities living there and projects being filmed on its streets.

The Best in Tribeca

If you want to be a part of New York City’s glamour, then Tribeca is the place for you!


Tribeca will make sure you’re living in style even while you’re eating! Many of its restaurants have an upscale feel, and their menu options are some of the best dishes from around the world. While they may be a little more classy, they always want to make sure you’re comfortable too. Each restaurant has a welcoming atmosphere to it, so you’ll always feel right at home whether you’re eating Japanese, Italian or classic American food.

Dining Room (Courtesy Pepolino) New York |
Dining Room (Courtesy Pepolino) 


No New York City trip is complete without a shopping spree, and Tribeca will ensure that. There’s a variety of stores lining its streets filled with the latest and most fantastic goods. Thanks to these shops, you’ll be able to take the beauty of Tribeca home with you. You can wear stylish and comfy clothes, add some new decor to your house or curl up with a good mystery novel. Whatever you’re interested in, Tribeca will have the answer.

(Courtesy 180 The Store) New York |
(Courtesy 180 The Store) 


Tribeca’s bars are always able to stand out in a crowd. Each one has its own unique style to it, so you’ll never step into the same place twice. They also offer plenty of selections for each type of drink, so you’re bound to find your favorite kind as well as try something new. You can find every wine under the sun at Brandy Library, sip a cocktail in a tavern at Monk McGinn’s or munch on a tasty appetizer with your drink at Terroir.

Penicillin and Raspberry Gintimate Sour (©Marcella O'Brien) New York |
Penicillin and Raspberry Gintimate Sour (©Marcella O’Brien) 


There’s plenty of places for you to unwind in Tribeca. The neighborhood is devoted to the arts, and you’ll be able to find pieces of it wherever you go. Most of the architectural elements are art pieces themselves, as they combine classic styles with a modern touch. They also hold art of every kind inside as well. If you’re more into down-to-earth activities, you’ll find them along Tribeca’s streets too. Some highlights include the Mmuseumm, Pier 25 and the Ghostbusters Firehouse.

View From Pier 25 ( ©Alex Lopez) New York |
View From Pier 25 ( ©Alex Lopez)