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New York City’s Best Fall Foliage

New York City’s Best Fall Foliage

Nothing says “fall” quite like the leaves changing color. Walking along a trail of red, orange and yellow leaves is the perfect way to celebrate the season. You may not think New York City would have many of them, but this city holds plenty of secrets.

Fall Foliage in NYC

There are several parks and hiking trails hidden in all five boroughs that can give you the best view of the fall colors that the city has to offer.

Greenbelt Nature Center

The Greenbelt Nature Center holds a lot of space for fall leaves to shine through. This nature preserve in Staten Island is the largest in New York City, so you’ll find many things you can appreciate about the season here. There are several hiking trails set up on the grounds that run for over 35 miles! Once you start walking, you’ll never run out of room to see all the trees that line their paths. If you want to get up close with nature in a different way, Greenbelt has the answer for you. They host several outdoor programs like art workshops and performances, and you can even host your own event on the grounds.

High Rock Park at Lake Ohrbach inside Greenbelt Nature Center (©M. Morsch) New York |
Lake Ohrbach at High Rock Park inside Greenbelt Nature Center (©M. Morsch) 

Forest Park

There’s no better place to keep the fall fun lasting all season long than Forest Park. This park in Queens offers everything you can think of and more. Its hiking trails are lined with a variety of different trees such as Northern red oak, tulip trees and Dogwood that are sure to create the brightest colors in fall. If you want to bring yourself even closer to the leaves, you can hire a horse from a private stable and trot along the trails. Not sure what to do once the tour is over? Don’t worry. Forest Park offers plenty of fun you can have among the leaves like sports courts, concerts and a carousel.

Fall Walking Trail (©Chulmin Park) |
Fall Walking Trail (©Chulmin Park) 

Wave Hill

One of the most stunning places to watch the leaves change color in New York City is Wave Hill. This nature center in the Bronx offers some beautiful sights of not only the city but New York State as well. The grounds sit on top of the Hudson River, so you can look across the water to find magnificent views of red and yellow leaves as the weather grows cooler. There are many ways for you to be a part of the action, as Wave Hill is devoted to getting you in touch with nature. Whether you want to go on a hike, paint under the leaves or meditate in the gardens, you’re sure to find an activity that will help you fall in love with the season.

View From Wave Hill (©Tagger Yancey IV / NYC & Company) New York |
View From Wave Hill (©Tagger Yancey IV / NYC & Company)

Fort Tryon Park

A popular spot to visit in New York City in the fall is Fort Tryon Park. This park in Washington Heights was declared a landmark in 1983, so it’s become a significant city landmark in recent years. The land is continuously being tended to so the grounds can stay healthy for years to come. It holds some of the most beautiful, natural areas in the city that are made up of heathers, heaths and rock formations that will bring you deep into nature. The walking trails offer many trees and flowers for you to see up close, and they make for great exercise too!

View From Washington Heights Near Fort Tryon Park (©Christopher Postlewaite/NYC & Company) New York |
View From Washington Heights Near Fort Tryon Park (©Christopher Postlewaite/NYC & Company) 

Clove Lakes Park

If you genuinely want to be embraced by the natural land, take a visit to Clove Lakes Park. This park in Staten Island holds some of the oldest, untouched land in the city for visitors to see for themselves. One of its treasures is the 300-year-old tulip tree on the grounds that stands as the largest in the borough. You can get up close with nature thanks to the many walking trails that exist around the trees. If you’re looking for a more unique view, take a boat out on one of its many ponds to see the leaves change color while rolling along the water.

Changing Leaves in the Water (©Aleks Marinkovic) |
Changing Leaves in the Water (©Aleks Marinkovic)

Pelham Bay Park

Pelham Bay Park will show you that New York City is much more than skyscrapers and shops. This park in the Bronx is the largest in the city and is dedicated to preserving the natural world. There are three walking trails located at various points in the park, each offering a different view of the fall leaves surrounding you. You can also visit one of the many islands sitting in their waters and see the various animal species that appear in the fall. No two visits to Pelham Bay Park will ever be the same, so you’ll always find something new to see throughout the season.

Park Bench in the Fall (©Pepper Mint) |
Park Bench in the Fall (©Pepper Mint)