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NETHERWORLD Brings New Haunts to Atlanta This Fall

NETHERWORLD Brings New Haunts to Atlanta This Fall

Ready for the Halloween season, NETHERWORLD is set to introduce two new haunts to its Stone Mountain location. The Atlanta-based attraction is ready to wow (and terrify) fans with “The Undying Horror” and “Parasitic.”

NETHERWORLD Returns to Haunt Atlanta This Halloween

“First and foremost, we have a great team with a ton of talent,” NETHERWORLD Co-Owner Ben Armstrong told us. “From our designers and makeup artists to our technicians and actors, our incredible team always ensures that guests get an experience with us that they won’t get anywhere else.”

NETHERWORLD is set to open on September 23 for its 26th year as one of the country’s longest-running haunted attractions. “We also came into this with a fresh idea about what a haunt could be, have worked incredibly hard over the past 26 years, and preserved our way through every setback,” Armstrong said. “Passion, creativity and a lot of luck have gotten us here today!”

Such long-running success means the company has set itself apart from the competition for quite some time. “When we began, the concept of having themes and characters not based on movies wasn’t common,” Armstrong explained. “We also tapped a lot of film and television experience in our core team to make a really different type of attraction, and that continues to this day. Now, amazing characters, sets, and props can all be purchased by anyone with deep pockets, so remaining unique is more challenging and only comes with a lot of creative effort! As always, it is the constant moving forward every year to create the most amazing haunted house possible that works to our advantage, and the incredible collection of terrifying props and special effects that we have amassed over the years.”

"Parasitic" at NETHERWORLD Atlanta |
“Parasitic” (Courtesy NETHERWORLD)

“The Undying Horror” is one of the newest haunts to come to NETHERWORLD. “The Undying Horror” is a continuation of the saga that began when we first moved to our new home in Stone Mountain,” Armstrong told us. “It is inspired by Cosmic Horror, a concept in which mankind is considered an insignificant flea in the face of ancient limitless evil. In this tale, a hideous thing has sent its writhing tentacles into our world to spread a festering corruption everywhere they touch. You must follow the growing destruction into the very depths of the Netherworld and confront “The Undying Horror” in its lair!”

The other new attraction coming to NETHERWORLD this fall is “Parasitic.” “Parasitic” is a cautionary tale of science gone out of control. In this story, one of our classic characters, The Harvestman, and science run amuck have fused to create new parasitic plant-based creatures that are eager to consume any and all life,” Armstrong explained. Both haunts are set to open on select nights beginning September 23 for the 2022 Halloween season.

Ben Armstrong also gave us some insight into the creation of the haunts that terrify Atlanta each year. “The moment the haunt season ends, the crew is briefed on the general direction that the shows will be going in the coming year, and projects begin alongside repairs and winterizing the attractions,” he told us. “Usually, after the previous season is completely wrapped up, sometime around the start of the new year, the new themes are introduced, and work begins. Additionally, we activate on other projects such as infrastructure improvements, new year-round Escape Games, and other business-related activities. We work throughout the rest of the year to create as many new and terrifying experiences as possible, then the cycle repeats.”

"The Undying Horror" at NETHERWORLD Atlanta |
“The Undying Horror” (Courtesy NETHERWORLD)