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Take Self Care to the Next Level at Heyday

Take Self Care to the Next Level at Heyday

Heyday has already made a splash with multiple locations around Los Angeles and New York City and more venues in Chicago, Philadelphia and more. Recently, Heyday opened up a location in the metro-Atlanta neighborhood of Dunwoody, with a new Midtown location following soon. We talked with Patrick Ryan-Southern, CEO of L5 Skincare, a franchising entity of Heyday and Evan Pope, Heyday Shop Educator, Atlanta, about the brand.

Inside Heyday, The New Skincare Powerhouse

Perimeter and Midtown were both chosen as ideal locations for the Atlanta venues of Heyday for a big reason. “Accessibility! Our site selection team analyzes the traffic patterns of our customers so we can meet them where they are,” Ryan-Southern explained. “Perimeter and Midtown are both located in centralized, accessible on-the-ground storefront locations and have adequate parking for our urban and suburban customers. We’re thrilled to be a part of the Atlanta community and offer the Heyday experience to everyone here.”

While many spas emphasize self-care as a treat, Heyday aims to remind customers that skincare is a daily ritual. “Heyday was created to take the facial out of the spa and make skincare a regular part of your routine, rather than a once-in-awhile luxury. We believe facials – and the guidance that comes along with them from estheticians – should be accessible, approachable, conversational, and habitual to help you put your best face forward,” Ryan-Southern told us. “Our 50-minute facials are fully personalized using results-driven treatments tailored to what your skin needs the most. We also offer a monthly membership to encourage routine facials, which come with additional perks and discounts.”

Heyday Treatment Room Atlanta |
Treatment Room (Courtesy Heyday)

While self-care is rewarding for the clients, the team at Heyday also sees a great reward for their work. The most rewarding part of working with my clients is the connections and bonds I create,” Pope told us. “I love listening to their needs and concerns, so I can empower them with the information they need to unlock their confidence and reach their goals, skincare and otherwise!”

Though some might find esthetics intimidating, the Heyday team makes it approachable. “Start with the basics and try to be consistent,” Pope explained. “All skincare routines should include a cleanser, moisturizer, and SPF. When you’re ready to venture out and try a more specialized routine, schedule an appointment with a skincare professional. They can properly identify your unique skin type and give you advice on how to maximize your results.”

There’s more to come soon from Heyday, in addition to multiple new locations around America. “We are very focused on continued innovation in our treatments and services we offer,” Ryan-Southern told us. “We just launched two new enhancements—Microcurrent and Hydro Infusion—and are always adding new product lines to our lineup so that our Skin Therapists can continue to personalize the facial treatment to our client’s needs.”

Heyday Lobby interior Atlanta |
Lobby Interior (Courtesy Heyday)