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Concierge Corner: Pranav Mehra of NU Hotel Brooklyn

Concierge Corner: Pranav Mehra of NU Hotel Brooklyn

Nobody knows a city like the local concierge team. With the inside track on all the best places to dine, shows to see, and things to do, they’re a wealth of knowledge for all travelers. We talk with a top local hotel concierge in New York City to get the inside scoop on all their expert tips.

Pranav Mehra, Front Office Manager at NU Hotel Brooklyn

Why do you refer your guests to The Welcome Guide®, and what makes it an important resource for you?

Mehra- The Welcome Guide® is the key to navigating the best city in the world and puts adventure at your fingertips. It’s the perfect blend of popular attractions and under-the-radar spots that leave room for discovery. 

What are your best tips for exploring NYC like a local?

Mehra- Take advantage of any opportunity to walk the streets and soak in everything the city has to offer. Use public transportation to go explore a new neighborhood. Dine and drink at local restaurants and bars. Shop at the local markets and attend local events. Living like a local is the best way to experience the city authentically.

What should be on every visitor’s “bucket list” when visiting?

Mehra- There are so many incredible landmarks in New York City, but a few I’d recommend as must-sees are the Brooklyn BridgeConey IslandCentral Park and the Statue of Liberty. I would also recommend taking in at least one show on Broadway—it’s like a rite of passage!

What’s an excellent spot to capture a great selfie?

Mehra- The city is full of great selfie spots. The skyline view at Brooklyn Bridge Park is incredible, as are the colors and backdrops on Coney Island. Washington Street in Dumbo is also a great area for a classic New York background. At NU Hotel Brooklyn, we have guest rooms with street art-inspired murals as well as shared spaces with whimsical wall patterns that would be fun backdrops!

Brooklyn Bridge Park (©Brooke Cagle)
Brooklyn Bridge Park (©Brooke Cagle)

What is the best suggestion you can give a first-time visitor?

Mehra- Take the time to create your own adventure. I would suggest walking the Brooklyn Bridge from the Manhattan side to Brooklyn and exploring the promenade for amazing views, taking in the architecture in Brooklyn Heights and the surrounding neighborhoods, checking out Dumbo and venturing further into Carroll Gardens, Clinton Hill or Park Slope.

If someone only had 24 hours in NYC, where would you send them?

Mehra- I would highly recommend a hop-on, hop-off to get in as much as you can in 24 hours. I would also suggest visiting the Botanic Gardens in Brooklyn and having lunch or dinner at Le Petit Café in Carroll Gardens, which has a stunning atrium during the day and a candlelit wall at night. You also can’t go wrong with exploring outdoor attractions like Brooklyn Bridge Park, which is one of my personal favorites.

For a guest looking for a night on the town, what would you recommend?

Mehra- I’d recommend finding a local restaurant or bar a pre-outing bite and drink then following that with a concert, sporting event, comedy show or a Broadway show.

Any suggestions for the best under-the-radar sites or uncommon things to do?

Mehra- I have a few favorites for off-the-beaten-path activities. The New York Transit Museum in Brooklyn, Wave Hill in the Bronx, the New York Historical Society in the Upper West Side of Manhattan and the Waterfront Museum in Red Hook, Brooklyn, are some of the best under-the-radar sites and more unique experiences you can have.

Where’s the best place to take kids of all ages?

Mehra- There are so many places to take kids in the city. A few of my personal favorites are Prospect ParkCentral Park and the Bronx Zoo, along with the New York AquariumConey Island and Madame Tussauds are also great destinations to bring the whole family.

What is your expert tip?

Mehra- The best advice I can give is to be ready for adventure and to prepare for anything. The Big Apple is so full of life, and sometimes, it will take you to the most unexpected places. That’s all part of the experience, and I encourage visitors to embrace it.

Aquarium (©Getty Images)
Aquarium (©Getty Images)