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Broadway Musicals For Everyone

Broadway Musicals For Everyone

The energy lost when theaters shut down back in March 2020 is back again on the streets of New York City’s Theater District. If you have never experienced watching a Broadway musical, you are missing out. Once you watch one, you most likely will be back for another. The singing, dancing, costumes and set production are enough to enthrall even the most discerning theater audience.

There’s a Musical for Everyone in New York City

If you are planning a trip to New York, be sure to include watching a musical on your vacation schedule. Dozens of musicals have reopened and simply epitomize the heart and soul of New York. Don’t miss these award-winning classics that have garnered standing ovations throughout their run.

The Lion King

The Lion King is an excellent introduction to Broadway regardless of age. The stage adaptation of the award-winning 1994 Disney film of the same name is one of the best family musicals on Broadway. The beloved characters and the vivid lighting make it captivating for children, and the themes of loss, love and survival make it compelling for adults. The musical revue follows the life of Simba, a young lion prince, the future king of the Pride Lands, a beautiful region in the African Savanna. When his evil uncle Scar kills Simba’s father, Simba flees the Pride Lands believing it was his fault. Scar takes over the Pride Lands, and Simba must save the animals of the kingdom. Classic songs from the film are featured, such as Circle of Life, Hakuna Matata, and Can You Feel the Love Tonight.

The Lion King currently plays at the Minskoff Theater located at 200 West 45th Street in Times Square in Midtown Manhattan.

"Circle of Life" From "The Lion King" New York |
“Circle of Life” From “The Lion King” (©Brinkhoff Mogenburg)


Wicked has mesmerized audiences all over the world for 18 years. The long-running musical opened on Broadway in October 2003. It tells the story behind The Wizard of Oz, featuring Elphaba, the hated Wicked Witch of the West, and Glinda, the good witch from The Wizard of Oz. One girl is born with emerald skin and an extraordinary talent but is often misunderstood, while the other is bubbly and extremely well-liked. The rivalry between the two becomes an unlikely friendship until one is ultimately labeled “good” while the other is “wicked.” The socially relevant theme found in the musical reminds us to stand up for our beliefs regardless of popular opinion.

Wicked currently plays at the Gershwin Theater located at 222 West 51st Street in Paramount Plaza in Midtown Manhattan.

"Wicked" on Broadway New York |
“Wicked” on Broadway (©Joan Marcus)

Moulin Rouge! The Musical

“Hey sista, go sista, soul sista..” sing with us in celebration of Moulin Rouge! The Musical, which recently took home ten prizes at the Tony Awards, including best actor, best actor in a featured role and best musical. The production is based on the 2001 film by Baz Luhrmann and follows Moulin Rouge’s star performer, Satine, and an American man, Christian, as they undergo a tumultuous relationship. The nightclub in Paris is about to go bankrupt, and the owner is willing to do whatever it takes to save it. He sets Satine up with a wealthy Duke, hoping to provide the funds needed to save the Moulin Rouge, creating friction between Satine and Christian. The exquisite costumes and lavish sets make this musical a must-see, as well as the popular music that is woven into the narrative from performers like Pink, Adele, Katy Perry and Lady Gaga, among others.

Moulin Rouge! The Musical currently plays at the Al Hirschfield Theater located at 302 West 45th Street in Midtown Manhattan.

The cast of "Moulin Rouge! The Musical" on Broadway New York |
The cast of “Moulin Rouge! The Musical” on Broadway (©Matthew Murphy)

The Book of Mormon

The Book of Mormon is a multi-award-winning musical written by Trey Parker, Matt Stone and Rob Lopez. We should mention that two of the writers, Parker and Stone, are also writers of the mega-hit cartoon, “South Park.” The television series has been known to cross the line between being humorous to offensive to some audiences. With that in mind, “The Book of Mormon” is not for easily offended people. The story follows two missionaries sent to Uganda to attempt to convert the citizens to the Mormon religion. One missionary, Elder Cunningham, is a socially awkward nerd, while the other, Elder Price, is a go-getter who has a solid dedication to his faith. The musical satirizes organized religion and the credibility of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Critics have called the show “the filthiest, most offensive and surprise – sweetest thing you’ll see on Broadway and quite possibly the funniest musical ever.”

The Book of Mormon currently plays at the Eugene O’Neill Theater located at 230 West 49th Street in Midtown Manhattan.

“The Book of Mormon” Cast
“The Book of Mormon” Cast (©Julieta Cervantes)