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Where to Find the Best Hot Dogs in Boston

Where to Find the Best Hot Dogs in Boston

Whether you’re at a baseball game or enjoying a backyard cookout, hot dogs are going to feature prominently on the menu no matter where you are. These are the best spots in Boston to get one.

Trina’s Starlite Lounge

After a COVID hiatus, Trina’s Starlite Lounge is back for indoor and patio dining. Dinner service runs from 4 p.m. -10 p.m. daily, and the all-beef Kayem dogs are the way to go. The “Daily Dog” rotates, but the “Starlite-Style Dog” is a menu staple topped with cheese, fries, coleslaw and aioli. The corn dog is served with a side of mustard, and the chili cheese dog is slathered in cheese and homemade black bean chili with beef and pork. There’s also a tofu dog that is perfect for vegetarians, and hot dogs are also available at the Starlite Snack Shack.

(Courtesy Trina's Starlight Lounge) |
(Courtesy Trina’s Starlight Lounge)

Fred’s Franks

Carl Galasso, the owner of Fred’s Franks, discovered the best local hot dog when he was working as a busboy. Nearly 50 years later, he returned to that same frank (Pearl Meat Packing Company’s quarter-pound wiener) and set up shop in a food truck. Today, his mobile hot dog stand serves up Pearl’s and chourico dogs (Brazilian sausages) in various styles. Order up regular, monster or jumbo dogs. Shaggy dogs come topped with mouth-watering pastrami, and the signature “Shnurble” combines the natural beef casing dog with chourico on a bed of cabbage with mayo and special sauce.

Boston Hot Dog Company

For 15 years, Boston Hot Dog Company has been serving up gourmet hot dogs in Salem. The all-beef or vegetarian dogs are topped with homemade toppings on freshly baked buns. The menu has six classic dogs and five specialty wieners. Classic dogs include a Chicago-style dog, BLT dog, chili cheese, and a corn dog that’s fried in cornmeal tempura batter. The specialty dogs are even more craveable with flavors like the “Short Dog” topped with braised short rib, caramelized onion blue cheese, and crispy shallots. Vegetarians have their own special, the “California Dog,” a vegetarian dog with cucumber, tomato, avocado, arugula, and ranch dressing.

Assorted Specialty Hot Dogs Boston |
(Courtesy Boston Hot Dog Company)

Saus Restaurant

Three local grads started Saus with a shared love of all things condiment. The dogs here are called “Friks,” and the dogs are hand-rolled in-house with a combination of beef and pork. The specialty of the house comes with chopped onions, curry ketchup and homemade mayo. Spice lovers can keep it hot with the Frik covered in jalapeños and smoky chipotle, and those that were craving a burger can get theirs topped with pickles, sharp cheddar and secret Saus (think a Big Mac in dog form). Make it a meal with a side of fries and Saus—usually, the combo is $13, but it’s discounted for $11 until 3 p.m.

The Sausage Guy

If you’ve been to Fenway Park in the last 20 years, odds are you’ve seen Camille Dodero grilling up sausages for sports fans as The Sausage Guy. He’s a tong-wielding Boston celebrity with a simple menu (that’s also available in retail stores). His dedication to serving dogs has garnered him local fame, two frost-bitten fingers from serving in the cold, one torn rotator cuff from serving and two cortisone shots to his left elbow (from flipping his famous franks).

Despite the injuries, Dodero is still out there with a smile living the dream. The sweet or hot Italian sausages, bourbon sausages and ale brats have been filling up Red Sox fans for years. Each dog is gluten-free and made without preservatives so that you can enjoy them worry-free.

Classic Hot Dog |
Classic Hot Dog (©Luis Quintero)

Spike’s Junkyard Dogs

The jumbo 100% beef dogs at Spike’s Junkyard Dogs are served on French rolls baked fresh throughout the day. They’re made without fillers and are low in low in sodium with a natural casing. If you’re planning to feed a crowd, reserve Spike’s food truck to cater your party. The house dog is served with Spike’s mustard, tomato, pickle, hot peppers and chopped scallions. There’s also a BBQ dog, a chili dog and a fat-free veggie dog available.