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A New Suite Life in Anaheim

A New Suite Life in Anaheim

Anaheim, California, is home to some pretty unique, themed spots (and we aren’t just talking about Disneyland). If you’re in the mood for one-of-a-kind accommodations, you’ll find plenty of those too. Howard Johnson Anaheim Hotel and Water Playground recently debuted its newest offering—the “House of the Retro Future” suite. We chatted with the hotel’s General Manager, Jonathan Whitehead, about the newest suite and its stunning design.

"House of the Retro Future" Bedroom Anaheim |
“House of the Retro Future” Bedroom (©Andy Castro)

Inside the “House of the Retro Future” Suite

The new suite at Howard Johnson Anaheim takes design cues from Monsanto’s House of the Future and the retro-fab elements of the 50s and 60s. “I have been a fan of mid-century design for many years. I had seen photographs of the Monsanto House of the Future interior and exterior and was fascinated by the design,” Whitehead told us of the inspiration for the suite. “I thought it would be fun to bring it back for those of us who were too young to experience the original.”

The extensive design of the space paid off in the stunning suite that hosted a grand opening last month. “I collaborated with our designer, Caroline McLean, on all aspects of the design and features,” Whitehead explained. “It was fun yet exhausting finding just the perfect elements. Nothing is as satisfying as finding the perfect design additions, whether it’s a lamp or custom art. The color scheme has a number of influences from the original House of the Future and early Tomorrowland with whites and stainless steel accents, along with nods to Howard Johnson with pops of orange and aqua.”

"House of the Retro Future" Entry Anaheim |
“House of the Retro Future” Entry (©Andy Castro)

Blending the two eras into a cohesive space didn’t provide too many challenges. “The mid-century design itself has both a modern space-age, yet retro feel,” Whitehead told us. “We also added modern elements with our Alexa-controlled devices and lighting controls.”

The “House of the Retro Future” Suite provides another fantastic experience for guests in Anaheim. “I want guests who stay in our House of the Retro Future Suite to feel like they’ve stepped back in time and find unexpected delight around every corner,” Whitehead explained. “I wanted the suite to be an Icon for Howard Johnson Anaheim, illustrating our heritage of mid-century design and a link to the hotel’s design by famed California architect William Pereira.”

"House of the Retro Future" Bathroom Anaheim |
“House of the Retro Future” Bathroom (©Andy Castro)