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A Look at The Garden Room in Atlanta

A Look at The Garden Room in Atlanta

If you’re looking for an exquisite dining experience in Atlanta, look no further than The Garden Room. This upscale restaurant offers a unique garden-themed setting that will make you feel like you’re dining in the heart of nature with its colorful menu and Instagrammable space. At the helm of the restaurant is Executive Chef Freddy Money.

Cucumber Salad at The Garden Room Atlanta |
Cucumber Salad (Courtesy The Garden Room/Curated by Vanessa Boy)

Inside The Garden Room with Chef Freddy Money

“I started at the early age of 16 at a fantastic restaurant in Notting hill. After a week in the kitchen, I was hooked! The rest is history,” Money told us. “Growing up in the kitchen, one has many memories of great flavors, dishes and techniques… These follow you forever. When it’s time to revisit these memories and dishes, it’s important to keep the integrity but modernize them.”

Much of the menu at The Garden Room is split amongst sections like Sea, Harvest and Farm. Diners can enjoy decadent seafood items like Chilean Seabass, Lobster Rolls and Ginormous Tiger Shrimp from the Sea portion, Garden Gems and Soft Burrata in the Harvest section, and Westholme Wagyu and Grilled Cornish Hem in the Farm section.

Bar at The Garden Room Atlanta |
Bar (Courtesy The Garden Room/Curated by Vanessa Boy)

The restaurant’s whimsical design also plays a large part in the style of the menu. “100% the food has to make sense in the space,” Money explained. “The flavors and techniques have been acquired through my world travels. We work as a team in The Garden Room, and we go through many tests and trials before dishes hit the menu. Not all our dishes make the cut. The ones that do, these always flow well, and we make sure not to go too far off track… It’s fun to add all these “Cheffy” techniques, but they have to make sense. The guests are here to eat a delicious meal! That comes first always.”

If you’re in search of recommendations, Chef has some suggestions. “I love shellfish; we only source the finest and prepare everything daily, so it is super fresh! We have some fantastic Westholme Wagyu. It’s a tough question; it’s all great! Our desserts are world-class, and Chef Eric Snow is a rockstar.”

Le Reve at The Garden Room Atlanta |
Le Reve at (Courtesy The Garden Room)