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Your Guide to a Layover at LaGuardia Airport

Your Guide to a Layover at LaGuardia Airport

Travel is on the rise thanks to the upcoming holidays, so you’ll want to find the best airport to fly out of to help your vacation truly begin. One airport that’s closest to all of the Big Apple action is LaGuardia Airport (LGA) in Queens—it’s going to be one of your main options for flights to New York. Even if you’re planning on leaving the city once you hop on a plane, you can still make the most of it while waiting at your gate. If you have some time before your flight takes off, check out some of these restaurants that now call LaGuardia home.

A Layover at LaGuardia Airport

Terminal A


Terminal A might not be the place you think of if you’re looking for a bite to eat at the airport. However, Salotto is sure to change that idea. This Italian restaurant is the only full dining option you’ll find in this area of LaGuardia, and all of its dishes are sure to satisfy your layover cravings. Salotto specializes in pizza dishes that can hold every topping you can think to add. You have your choice of taking a slice of classic Margherita, Italian-flavored pesto or a hearty soppressata pizza with you back to your gate. If pizza isn’t your style, grab a bite of its traditional sandwiches or appetizers to take New York’s Italian cooking with you to your destination.

Terminal B

Hill Country Barbecue Market

Manhattan isn’t the only place in New York where you can find this barbecue favorite. Hill Country Barbecue Market is typically known as a restaurant in NoMad serving Texas-style barbecue dishes. Still, there’s now a spot for passengers at LaGuardia to enjoy it as well. You’ll find all your favorite meats served inside, like classic briskets and spare ribs that fall right off the bone. If you’re not a fan of the mess, don’t worry. It also serves standard barbecue dishes like turkey, chicken, sausage and lunch sandwiches that still hold the smoky flavors of the grill you know and love.

Bar Veloce

Another city staple that now calls LaGuardia home is Bar Veloce. Citygoers may know this bar when they visit neighborhoods like Chelsea, East Village or SoHo, and they can now have some of their favorite drinks while waiting for their flight. Its menu hosts a variety of cocktails, spirits and wines, many of them being Italian blends that combine classic flavors with modern combinations. You also have the option to pair your glass with some Italian small plates like bruschette, paninis and desserts infused with Nutella. Bar Veloce gives visitors a stylish night out on the town without ever leaving the airport.

Terminal C

Chuko Ramen

Manhattan restaurants aren’t the only ones making their way into LaGuardia. Brooklyn staples are also popping up at each gate, including Chuko Ramen. This restaurant is known for blending traditional ingredients with modern innovation in each of its soups, as Chuko is Japanese for “vintage.” Its menu serves ramen dishes with all your favorite Asian flavors, including miso, kimchi and sesame garlic. If you want to enhance your bowl, you also have the option of adding roasted meats or fresh greens to your noodles to create the perfect warm soup before your flight.


If you aren’t able to reach Salotto while waiting for your flight, there’s another Italian option you can try inside LaGuardia. As the name implies, Crust specializes in delicious pizzas, specifically Neapolitan slices with a thin crust. You can taste a classic pizza covered with cheese, top your slice with pieces of chicken or even try a gluten-free pizza so everyone can get in on the fun. Crust also serves traditional chicken entrees like chicken with broccoli or chicken sandwiches, so you have a variety of options to take with you back to your gate.


While New York may be known for its Italian dishes, they also serve some delicious German food. If you weren’t able to try it during your city visit, you have the option of visiting Biergarten inside LaGuardia. This German bar and restaurant serves the best of European flavors in one spot, giving you the full taste of the country on its menu. You can try its classic bratwurst entrees like its sizzling “Wurstplatte” platter or try its wursts in a burger with the “German” burger topped with hazelnut asparagus aioli. Make sure to pair your bratwurst with one of the draft beers, cocktails and wine on the menu to complete your airport dining experience.