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Vetri Cucina Returns to Palms Las Vegas

Vetri Cucina Returns to Palms Las Vegas

Vetri Cucina, the esteemed Italian restaurant by renowned Chef Marc Vetri, has reopened at Palms Casino Resort. One of the most highly-anticipated reopenings, Vetri Cucina, hosted a grand opening celebration, and the San Manuel Gaming and Hospitality Authority culminated the festivities by presenting the Just One Project with a $100,000 check to help feed the community.

Foie Gras Pastrami at Vetri Cucina Las Vegas |
Foie Gras Pastrami at Vetri Cucina (©Steve Legato)

Las Vegas Welcomes Back Vetri Cucina

“They all said that it would not open up again; a lot of media out there was saying it was not going to open up. The fact that it is open is something really amazing,” Chef Marc Vetri said while toasting during the celebration. “I was actually saying earlier that this is so much more than a restaurant. We had a lot of restaurants in Philly; we actually sold them off. And then I was, you know, sort of left with the one restaurant, Vetri. We opened that in 1998, 24 and a half years ago. So that’s a lot. It’s a long time to have a restaurant. But then I was sort of left with that alone. We had the offer to open up this, and through the years, we’ve actually said no to a lot of offers over there (gestures at the Strip). I mean, you know, many, many, many offers, and it just never felt right.”

Vetri Cucina has received numerous accolades throughout its history, including AAA Four Diamond Award recognition and a spot on OpenTable’s Top 100 restaurants list. With Vetri Cucina’s reopening at Palms Las Vegas, foodies have another must-visit dining destination.

Bar at Vetri Cucina Las Vegas |
Bar at Vetri Cucina (©Clint Jenkins)

“It’s our great honor to welcome back Chef Marc Vetri and his team to Palms Casino Resort,” Palms General Manager Cynthia Kiser Murphey said in a recent press statement. “The triumphant return of Vetri Cucina now offers a breathtaking location with stunning views of the Las Vegas Strip, creating a special and memorable dining experience. With the addition of Vetri Cucina, we continue to add to the impressive culinary talent and restaurant collection at Palms.”

“This was kind of this special moment in my life; so much more than just a restaurant,” Vetri told us. “When we shut down, it stung. I was really hoping to get to reopen, so this is very serendipitous.”

Vetri Cucina’s menu features fresh ingredients and traditional Italian techniques in dishes like the Gemelli With Pistachio Pesto And Orange, Foie Gras Pastrami With Toasted Brioche And Mostarda, And The Swordfish With Swiss Chard, Pine Nuts And Castelvetrano Olives. The restaurant also offers a curated wine list with Italian varietals and a selection of house-made cocktails to complement the meal. Guests can enjoy their dining experience in the intimate dining room or on the outdoor patio overlooking the Las Vegas Strip. “I’m never one to talk about a specific menu item that I like,” Vetri explained when asked about his favorite menu items. “I think it depends on the mood you’re in and who you’re with and everything. So, I mean, I just love the whole vibe of everything.”

Sweet Onion Crepe at Vetri Cucina Las Vegas |
Sweet Onion Crepe at Vetri Cucina (©Steve Legato)

*Interview edited for clarity.