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Upscale Chinese Cuisine in Las Vegas

Upscale Chinese Cuisine in Las Vegas

Chinese food is one of the most beloved international cuisines. While it’s easy to find some of the more Western versions of classic dishes in fast food varieties (and the frozen section), Las Vegas is home to some of the most luxurious world-class Chinese cuisine. We were invited in for hosted media previews of the three restaurants below so we could share our honest experiences with you here.

The Most Luxurious Chinese Restaurants in Las Vegas

Hakkasan Entry Sign Las Vegas |
Hakkasan Entry Sign (©Melanie Lee)

Hakkasan Las Vegas

While many often think of Hakkasan Las Vegas in terms of the nightclub, the restaurant below has also built a name for itself. The restaurant (and nightclub) are both located inside MGM Grand Las Vegas. The stunning dining space evokes elements of Chinese design, and the menu itself holds plenty of room for modern Chinese classics (like the “Spicy Beef Hor Fun”). The “Crispy Duck Salad” is a fun spin on a popular duck dish, and the menu also includes several Westernized dishes (“General Tsao Chicken” and “Spicy Orange Beef”) and mainstream items like the raw seafood tower.

Hakkasan Raw Seafood Tower Las Vegas |
Hakkasan Raw Seafood Tower (©Melanie Lee)

Dim sum offerings include contemporary interpretations of traditional items like the “Seafood Har Gau,” “Shumai,” and “Wild Mushroom Puff.” The extensive wine list includes numerous wine and beer offerings from Japan, along with many varieties of sake. If you’ve saved room for dessert, the “Spikey Lemon” is thoroughly Instagrammable, and the “Chocolate & Hazelnut Dumplings” are a delicious take on a beloved Chinese dessert.

Hakkasan Chocolate & Hazelnut Dumplings Las Vegas |
Hakkasan Chocolate & Hazelnut Dumplings (©Melanie Lee)

Mott 32

Mott 32 Bar Las Vegas |
Mott 32 Bar (©Melanie Lee)

Walk around the casino floor at Palazzo Las Vegas tower of The Venetian Resort, and you can’t possibly miss the massive, intricately designed exterior of Mott 32. The space is even more stunning inside, with several different dining rooms with different designs and a full bar area as elaborately decorated as the rest of the space. Much like the interior, the menu is extensive and beautifully designed. Start your meal with various dumplings like the “Hot & Sour Iberico Pork Shanghainese Soup Dumplings” and order one of the stunning signature cocktails like the “Floating Moon.” Premium options include the “Crispy Triple Cooked Wagyu Beef Short Rib.”

Mott 32 Crispy Triple Cooked Wagyu Beef Short Rib Las Vegas |
Mott 32 Crispy Triple Cooked Wagyu Beef Short Rib (©Melanie Lee)

Some of the menu items might look familiar if you’re familiar with Chinese cuisine—many of the dishes are elevated versions of classic items (if you’re feeling adventurous, try the jellyfish and the bird’s nest soup). If you try nothing else, make sure to get the roast pork (we hear the Princess of Thailand is a fan and visits the location in Hong Kong, especially for this dish). Mott 32 also has a fully plant-based menu so that everyone in your party has something they can enjoy.

Mott 32 Sautéed Shredded "Pork" Las Vegas |
Mott 32 Sautéed Shredded “Pork” (©Melanie Lee

Red Plate

Red Plate Dining Room Las Vegas |
Red Plate Dining Room (©Melanie Lee)

You may not have heard much about Red Plate inside The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, and there’s a good reason for that—the restaurant has such a heavy fanbase that there’s really no need for them to advertise. The entrance itself is large but still subtle compared to the more colorful facades of the surrounding spaces. Once inside, you’ll find an elegantly designed, modern dining room with understated nods to Chinese design. Red Plate is especially ideal for groups—many items are designed to be shared family-style (hence the Lazy Susans at the larger tables). Shareable BBQ items like the whole suckling pig or Peking duck require a pre-order since they take longer to prepare and cook.

Red Plate Peking Duck Las Vegas |
Red Plate Peking Duck (©Melanie Lee)

Diners will find various familiar menu items (like the Mongolian beef and the Kung Pao chicken) alongside slightly more obscure options like the Chinese clay pot and the “Dried Scallop and Egg White Fried Rice.” If you’re a fan of dim sum, try their elevated pieces like the “Caviar Taro Puff” and the “Black Truffle Xiao Lung Bao.” Red Plate also has a full hot pot offering priced at $180 per person.

Red Plate Mongolian Beef Las Vegas |
Red Plate Mongolian Beef (©Melanie Lee)