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The Best BBQ in New York City

The Best BBQ in New York City

If you’re in the New York City area, you’ll be able to find the best BBQ in all five boroughs. Leave the grill at home and step into a restaurant where you can get a taste of barbecue dishes the way they were meant to be eaten. These NYC restaurants will have you begging for the barbecue sauce with every bite, from ribs to pork to chicken on the bone.

BBQ in New York City

Fette Sau

One of the more unconventional barbecue restaurants in the city is Fette Sau. For fifteen years, this restaurant in Williamsburg has combined the fun of an outdoor picnic with the style of a New York City restaurant.

You can enjoy your meat served on butcher paper at one of their indoor picnic tables, surrounded by their rustic bar area. Some of their more traditional dishes you can order are the Duroc Pork Ribs or Duroc Pulled Pork covered in their house dry rub of spices, or you can taste a world of flavors with the Berkshire Spicy Sausage.

If you’re looking to step out of your comfort zone, try their Berkshire Pork Belly smoked in-house. Top your meal off with a side of potato salad or baked beans to make your indoor-outdoor barbecue experience complete. 

Hometown Bar-B-Que

If you don’t have a grill but still want the feeling of a backyard barbecue with your meal, head to Hometown Bar-B-Que. This restaurant in Red Hook knows what makes Southern barbecue food so irresistible, and you’ll find their classic flavors waiting for you inside. Each dish is smoked on oak wood to create the charred taste that comes with cooking on the grill.

You’ll find your choice of ribs, sandwiches and wings waiting for you on the menu that combines the flavors of American barbecue with other cultures like Korean and Vietnamese. When your order’s ready, you’ll find it waiting for you at their walk-up counter service.

The fun doesn’t have to stop at the food, though. Make your evening last longer with a drink from one of their two bar areas, and dance along to live music playing on the weekends.

John Brown BBQ

The Midwest has its share of barbecue dishes that they love, and you can get a taste of some at this restaurant in Queens. John Brown BBQ specializes in barbecue food from Kansas City, but you’ll also find the hearty flavors of a butcher shop waiting for you inside. That’s because some of their meat is served by the pound, so you can pile on as much pulled pork, beef brisket and pastrami as you can eat!

Most dishes come as platters, creating the perfect pairing of meat on or off the bone and your choice of a Southern-style side. If that seems like too much meat, you can always order a quarter or a half-pound of chicken to satisfy your barbecue cravings. If you’re a Kansas City Chiefs fan, be sure to stop in to enjoy the big game with a side of mouthwatering meat. 

Rib No. 7

Barbecue food isn’t only found in America. Korean barbecue is also known for creating classic smoky flavors that blend their traditional tastes. One of the best places to find some in the city is Rib No. 7 in Koreatown. You’ll find yourself in a fine dining setting surrounded by the delicious scents of Korean flavors on the grill.

Their specialty is a prime rib dish called Oodae Galbi, which you can either get marinated or plain. You can have a taste of every part of the meat when you order, as other menu options include Beef Tongue, pork belly called White Marble Sam Gyup Sal, or the smoky tastes of a marinated pork shoulder with Dwaeji Galbi.

If you want to explore other Korean flavors, be sure to order one of their traditional appetizers and entrees like bibimbap, Omnyeon noodles and Kimchi Jjigae stew.

Let’s Meat BBQ

You can never have just one plate of meat at a barbecue, and this restaurant in Koreatown will make sure that you never do. Let’s Meat BBQ is the only Korean barbecue restaurant in the city that provides an all-you-can-eat option. There’s a variety of meats waiting for you on the menu, and you’ll never get enough of them!

Let’s Meat BBQ serves several types of steak like ribeye, hanger and flat iron that will melt in your mouth with every bite. You’ll also find short rib, chicken breast and unique choices like pork skin that you can have covered in a marinade or filled with the best Korean spices. Add a Korean drink like soju or rice wine, and you’ll be begging for more of this perfect meal. 

Tito’s BBQ Station

If you’re looking for the blend of a casual barbecue meal with some city elegance, stop into Tito’s BBQ Station. This restaurant in Harlem creates the feeling of a brownstone kitchen and the flavors of barbecue dishes that melt in your mouth.

Each meal is cooked in the meat’s natural juices, so you’ll always have that classic grill taste no matter what you order. Their specialty is ribs, be it beef or pork. You have your choice of a quarter or a half-pound of ribs, and they come with traditional Southern sides like baked mac and cheese, beet salad or collard greens.

No barbecue is complete without some pasta to join the meat, so you also have your choice of pasta entrees like penne or three-cheese tortellini to choose from as well. Tito’s is the place to be for the combined tastes of an outdoor barbecue and a home-cooked meal.