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Ten New York City Soups to Warm You Up This Winter

Ten New York City Soups to Warm You Up This Winter

Soup has always been a dish guaranteed to warm you up after a long day in the cold. From a classic chicken noodle to a dash of spice added into the mix, you can always rely on it to cheer you up when you’re feeling down. If you’re in New York City, you can find soup almost everywhere you go! There’s soup in every restaurant, and they come in a variety of flavors. Whether you’re getting it as an appetizer or visiting a restaurant devoted to it, you’re sure to taste a bowl of some of the best soup the city has to offer.

NYC Soups Perfect For Winter

Daily Soup Specials at Peasant Stock

You may be someone who’s always on the move in the city and may not have time for a sit-down meal. If that’s the case, you’ll want a bowl of soup from Peasant Stock. This soup stand in Essex Market offers small soups you can take with you while you walk along the city streets. Their menu changes daily, so you’ll never have the same soup twice. You can have unique tastes such as split pea and ham, chicken and sausage gumbo and lentil soup with chicken sausage. They have soup for every type of palette thanks to the vegetarian and vegan options they also serve on their menu. Have some of their specialty cornbread alongside your soup, and you’ll have the perfect dish to take with you to-go.

Pho Soup at Cha Pa’s Noodles and Grill

Soup dishes go beyond your standard diner fare, as cultures from around the world have offered their own spin on it. If you’re looking for something a little different, stop into Cha Pa’s Noodles and Grill in Hell’s Kitchen. This Vietnamese restaurant serves soup that you won’t be able to find anywhere else in the city. That’s because their pho soup is a secret family recipe containing eight spices and rice noodles inside a beef broth. You can get any combination of flavors and tastes you can think of. There’s a variety of beef options, seafood and even a vegetable pho if you’re looking for a healthy option. Top your pho off with one of their side dish spices, and you’re sure to have a unique soup made just for you.

Pho Soup From Cha Pa's New York City |
Pho Soup (Courtesy Cha Pa’s)

Vietnamese Sweet and Sour Soup at Pasteur Grill & Noodles

Another Vietnamese soup option can be found in the heart of Chinatown. Pasteur Grill & Noodles has been serving Canal Street visitors for over 30 years. They offer traditional Vietnamese dishes such as pho, bo luc lac beef cubes and banh mi sandwiches that bring the culture to life in one bite. You can also find these flavors in their numerous soup options, be it seafood and vegetable or shrimp and chicken wonton. However, their standout soup is the “Vietnamese Sweet and Sour Soup.” This soup includes a sweet and sour tamarind broth and can be given a personalized touch with your choice of added flavor. It mixes together with several vegetables and even pineapple to create the perfect blend of sweet and sour tastes. If you’re craving a soup that packs in every flavor under the sun, you’ll find it at Pasteur.

Vietnamese Sweet and Sour Soup From Pasteur New York City |
Vietnamese Sweet and Sour Soup From Pasteur (©Jeremy Merriam)

Tortilla Soup at Chavela’s

If you’re looking for some Latin flavor with your soup, head into Brooklyn and visit Chavela’s. This restaurant brings Mexican flair into everything they do, from the tastes of their dishes to the decor inside. You’ll find plenty of authentic meals and drinks waiting for you on the menu, but their soup offers something special as well. The tortilla soup is the way to go when you want a simple dish that can still create a powerful Latin kick. When you order the “Sopa Tortilla,” you get a soup that comes with chicken, cream, tomatillos and tortilla strips. Blended together, they create the best of Mexico’s flavors in one bite. If you’re new to the world of Mexican food, Chavela’s and their “Sopa Tortilla” are the perfect way to see what the hype is about.

French Onion Soup at La Bonne (Soupe)

The French have always been known for their kitchen creations, and their soup is no exception. However, there’s one restaurant in the city that knows their meals are a work of art. La Bonne (Soupe) is a French restaurant that’s been serving customers since 1973. It’s located near the Museum of Modern Art, so you know you’ll find something beautiful once you sit down. If you’re looking for the ultimate winter comfort food, try their French onion soup. Its beef broth is filled with caramelized onions and croutons, but the gruyere cheese is the highlight of this dish. Multiple layers of cheese sit on top of the broth that will melt in your mouth with just one bite. La Bonne’s French onion soup packs in some of the best flavors of France in a bowl that’s sure to warm you up on a cold day.

French Onion Soup From La Bonne Soupe New York City |
French Onion Soup From La Bonne Soupe (©Louise Palmberg)

Gumbo at Mokyo

When you think of gumbo, you probably don’t think of Korean food. However, Mokyo is going to make sure you do. This restaurant is changing the game in the East Village by offering new twists on classic dishes. Their Korean fusion dishes are served tapas-style, so you get the best of their flavors in a tiny bite. They provide fresh takes on Korean and Latin dishes, but their gumbo is a menu standout. You’ll find the classic creole tastes of gumbo in this soup with some unique additions like Korean chili peppers, andouille sausages and crawfish. It’s the perfect dish for when you’re craving something familiar but want a new way of looking at it. The next time you want some delicious gumbo in New York City, make sure you think of Mokyo.

Bone Broth at Springbone Kitchen

Most people usually like their soup to have additional flavors added into it, but there’s one restaurant in Greenwich Village that wants you to appreciate the broth too. Springbone Kitchen is a healthy restaurant specializing in gluten-free meals for customers. One of their most popular dishes is their bone broth, a cup full of soup broth made with nutrients, vegetables and herbs. One sip of this warm broth is guaranteed to make your body stronger and be beneficial to your health. You can get bone broths such as a “Classic Chicken Broth,” a touch of ginger roots and vitamin C with the “New Roots” broth or some shiitake mushrooms with the “Shiitake Broth.” If you need some more flavors with your meal, you can get meal combos of meat, rice and vegetables that you can pour the bone broth into for a complete meal. Springbone Kitchen offers a unique soup experience that you won’t find anywhere else in the city, so make sure to get yours while it’s hot!

Soup From Springbone Kitchen New York City |
Soup (Courtesy Springbone Kitchen)