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New York City’s Best Foods You Can Order Online

New York City’s Best Foods You Can Order Online

The best way to truly get to know a new city is to indulge in its cuisine. In New York, you’ll experience diverse food culture in each of the distinctive city neighborhoods and boroughs. Wandering through the concrete jungle, you may find yourself indulging in falafel from a street vendor, queuing in line to be the first to try the latest food trend, then dining at a fancy Michelin star restaurant all in one day. Once you sink your teeth into the Big Apple’s food scene, food from anywhere else may be challenging to swallow.

New York City’s Best Foods You Can Order Online

It’s no wonder that visitors to the Big Apple find themselves craving our culinary mainstays when they return home. Who wouldn’t miss a New York-style pizza, bagel or cheesecake? Luckily, many of your favorite New York restaurants ship nationwide, so you never have to go without these food items for too long. Whether you need a perfect gift idea or just want to indulge on your own, the Big Apple offers plenty of options to feed your craving.

Junior’s Cheesecake

We like to start with dessert because we love a great cheesecake. No one does it quite like Junior’s, and the restaurant has been creating cheesecakes using the same recipe for over 70 years. The combination of cream cheese, sugar and heavy cream is perfection. Most people agree. Junior’s goes through six million pounds of cream cheese each year. The unique flavor options like tiramisu, three fruit and red velvet cheesecake keep dessert lovers coming back for more. In 2015, Junior’s opened a seven-acre factory to help bake the cheesecakes shipped nationwide. All cheesecakes are shipped frozen in specially designed packaging to ensure they are transported safely. Orders may be placed online at Junior’s Cheesecake.

Cheescake From Junior's New York |
Cheescake From Junior’s (©Mypastree)

Taïm Falafel

Although falafel comes from the Middle East, it is a street food staple on the streets of New York. Taïm Falafel had humble beginnings opening in 2005 as a storefront in the West Village. The recipe comes from Tel Aviv, where the owner originates. The fried chickpea dish is created with the freshest herbs and spices, and it’s made with chickpeas, onion, garlic, cumin, coriander, salt and pepper. The falafel here are made fresh daily without any fillers. They can be savored alone or in a pita. It is available in the traditional green or spicy harissa and is served with a side of tahini sauce. Falafel, Schwarma and Mediterranean kits are available to order online for nationwide delivery via GoldBelly.

Falafel From Taïm Falafel New York |
Falafel (Courtesy Taïm Falafel)

Magnolia Bakery

In the famous television series “Sex in the City,” Carrie’s lead character reveals to her best friend, Miranda, that she has a crush on Aiden while munching on a cupcake outside of Magnolia Bakery. Because of this iconic scene, the bakery added “Carrie’s Cupcakes” to their menu. While the cupcakes are delicious, the proof is in the pudding, making the “Banana Pudding’ what customers crave even after leaving New York. The creamy dessert is made with fresh bananas, sweet cream and vanilla wafers, and it is simply delicious. We don’t blame you for your pudding cravings. The Banana Pudding may be ordered online at Magnolia Bakery or GoldBelly and is shipped nationwide.

Pudding From Magnolia Bakery New York |
Banana Pudding (Courtesy Magnolia Bakery)

H & H Bagels

H & H Bagels aren’t strangers to the limelight. Popular late-night television show host Jimmy Fallon recently revealed that the bagels from H & H were one of his favorites in New York. While working on “Saturday Night Live,” he used to bring co-stars Tina Fey and Mike Schur bagels from H & H every Saturday morning. They have been featured on television shows and films like “You’ve Got Mail,” “How I Met Your Mother,” “Seinfeld,” and “The Office.”

Founded in New York City and made with all-natural ingredients, the bagels have been a Manhattan favorite since 1972. Nationwide shipping is available via GoldBelly. Don’t forget to add the lox.

Gift Box From H & H Bagels New York |
Gift Box (Courtesy H & H Bagels)

Di Fara Pizza

Di Fara Pizza is an institution in Brooklyn. It has been named one of the best pizzas in the United States. Dom De Marco migrated from Italy to Brooklyn, where he opened his first location in 1965. A second location is in Williamsburg. Today, Dom still handcrafts each pizza himself using ingredients imported from Italy while thyme, oregano, basil and rosemary are all homegrown.

The restaurant is small; lines form on the sidewalk outside and wait times can be up to two hours. Luckily, nationwide shipping is available on GoldBelly for the much sought-after pizzas. Options include the Classic Sicilian, Pepperoni Sicilian and the Classic White Pizza.

Di Fara Pizza New York |
Di Fara Pizza (©