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New York City Packing Guide

New York City Packing Guide

The biggest problem travelers have isn’t how to get where they’re going or what to do once they arrive. It’s what they should pack. In a place as massive and unpredictable as New York City, travelers might not be sure what the best outfit or accessory is to bring with them according to New York weather. Luckily, we know just what you need for every trip you take throughout the year. Whether you’re walking in a heat wave or a blizzard, here are some essential items to pack when you head into the Big Apple.

Packing For New York’s Weather


New York City in the winter is a beautiful sight, especially during the holidays. There’s plenty to see and do both indoors and outdoors, from holiday markets to ice skating rinks to some of the most stunning winter window displays. It’s essential to be prepared for cooler temperatures and snow, so make sure to pack some extra essentials like thick gloves, a warm jacket or layered clothing, a scarf and hat or earmuffs, and comfortable boots—these will protect you from the cold and allow you to enjoy a stroll through the snowy streets. If you don’t feel like packing heavy layers, do some shopping at the Big Apple and bring home some wearable souvenirs to remind you of your NYC visit!

Winter New York City |
Winter in New York City (©Caitlyn Wilson)


Spring in NYC is a great time to enjoy the city, but there are some essentials you need to pack if you want to make the most of it. You’ll want to explore a lot outdoors since there are plenty of spring blooms out and about—especially the many areas filled with cherry blossoms. Bring a light sweater, sunglasses and a picnic blanket for the sunshine, plus water and a light jacket—and maybe even a raincoat if you want to be extra prepared! Have your warm weather gear ready, and you can set out for beautiful days spent in Central Park or wherever else your springtime adventures take you.

Spring New York City |
Spring in New York City (©Pascale Amez)


Summer in NYC is a blast—the nights can be just as fun as the days! It’s super important to prepare if you want to make the most of your time there. You’ll want to enjoy all of the fantastic outdoor activities, patio and rooftop dining options and the many NYC parks. Pack sunglasses, sneakers or sandals for walking, sunscreen and a portable fan if you need some extra relief from the heat (the humidity can be somewhat oppressive, especially if you’re from cooler, dryer climates). Fall in NYC is beautiful, with the leaves changing color and the city ready for fun events. It’s also festival season, so you’ll likely want to be prepared to spend plenty of time outdoors with food festivals and cultural and art celebrations. Make the most out of your trip by packing a light jacket, scarf, comfortable boots and a rain jacket. Layer up your clothing, too, to stay warm during crisp autumn days and evenings. With these items packed and ready to go in your suitcase, you’ll be ready to explore all that NYC has to offer during this gorgeous time of the year.

Summer New York City |
Summer (©Harry Gillen)


Like spring, fall is when people can’t get enough of all that the Big Apple has to offer. Some of their most iconic events take place in the fall, and the city is red and orange wherever you look. You’ll need some extra accessories similar to a spring trip as well as some items that will keep you warm as the chill arrives.

  • A light jacket
  • A scarf
  • Comfortable boots for walking while keeping warm.
  • A rain jacket
  • A light sweater
  • Layered clothing
Fall New York City |
Fall in New York City (©Andrea Belussi)