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New York City Guide: Walking Through Washington Square Park

New York City Guide: Walking Through Washington Square Park

Washington Square Park is a popular spot to hang out in New York City. From NYU students to Greenwich Village residents, the park has become a haven for anyone to enjoy the city on a beautiful afternoon. Its landmarks and grounds are rich with New York City history, and it’s become a great place for artists to share their work with the world. Take a visit to the park and see what this village has in store for you!


Washington Square Park loves to get creative, even with its food! The surrounding restaurants come from all over the world and have become major staples in the neighborhood. You’ll find the biggest and best plates inside that will bring mouth-watering flavors to your meal. You can have great pizza and calzones at La Lanterna di Vittorio, popular Mediterranean food at Mamoun’s or classic yet healthy American food at Loring Place.

Falafel |
Falafel (©Anton)


Washington Square Park sits in the center of both Greenwich Village and NYU, making it an artist’s paradise. There’s plenty of fun to be had inside the park, thanks to all of the different events taking place. Once your day in the park is through, you can explore the streets around it for more ways to celebrate all things artsy. Play some board games with friends at The Uncommons, have a laugh at Comedy Cellar or listen to some music at (Le) Poisson Rouge.

A Table at The Uncommons New York |
Space Interior (Courtesy The Uncommons)


The fun doesn’t stop at Washington Square Park’s bars! They’re always thinking of something new to give to customers through their drinks and events. Each bar has a rotating menu and offers specialty drinks and meals for that week. Everything has a unique flair to it, and they’ll treat whatever you’re sipping and snacking on as a work of art. You’ll see real works of art while you drink at Arts and Crafts Beer Parlor, have some tasty charcuterie at The Up & Up or drink the “Bottle of the Week” at Blind Tiger Ale House.

Grilled Cheese and Beer From Blind Tiger Ale House New York |
Grilled Cheese and Beer (Courtesy Blind Tiger Ale House)


Washington Square Park’s bohemian status doesn’t stop at the arts. You can find unique, quality goods inside their shops as well. The stores revolve around vintage styles, be it clothes or music, so you’re sure to get a blast from the past wherever you go. If you’re looking for something more modern, you’ll still find the more creative side of the neighborhood in every store that greets you.

Clothes From Hamlet's Vintage New York |
Clothes From Hamlet’s Vintage (©Hamlet Tallaj)