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New York City Guide: Making the Most of Madison Avenue

New York City Guide: Making the Most of Madison Avenue

One of the biggest names in New York City is Madison Avenue. This famous street runs through Midtown, the Upper East Side and Harlem, so you’ll have a taste of everything when you walk along it. Every business will find a way to get you to step inside, whether it’s through the bold artwork, classy atmosphere or quality goods they’re selling. Take a trip to Madison Avenue and see what’s waiting for you down the street!


Every place on Madison Avenue has something unique to it, including the restaurants. Each one has a special charm and personal atmosphere to it that will make your visit one you’ll never forget. Their meals are created with the finest ingredients that will make flavors from around the world come to life in your mouth. Try some Greek delicacies at Tony Dragon’s Grille, eat Italian at Come Prima or have British dishes close to nature at The Clocktower.

Steak From The Clocktower New York |
Steak From The Clocktower (Courtesy STARR Restaurants)


Madison Avenue prides itself on the arts. It may be traditional artwork or something a little more creative, but every block holds something for you to appreciate. Many of the corners that the street connects with will lead you to some of the most excellent art museums New York City has to offer. If you haven’t made a name for yourself in the art world yet, they have something for you too. You’ll find plenty of places waiting to uplift upcoming artists and help you create something beautiful.

The Morgan Library & Museum New York |
The Morgan Library & Museum (©Mana5280)


Madison Avenue’s bars are all about style, but they’ll always make sure you’re having fun as well. They each have a classy yet relaxed atmosphere, so you’ll feel like royalty while you sip on some wine. Some of its bars are located inside other locations along the street, so the fun doesn’t have to end once your glass is empty. After finishing your drink at The Bar Room, you can see some artwork, have some cheese with your beer at Earl’s Beer and Cheese, or listen to live music while you drink at Bemelmans Bar.

Martini From Bemelmans Bar at The Carlyle New York |
Martini From Bemelmans Bar (Courtesy The Carlyle, A Rosewood Hotel)


Madison Avenue is all about class, and the shops are no exception. Most of the stores you’ll find on the street sell some of the city’s most glamorous goods. They have the latest clothes from some of the best designers, and you can also get accessories that will add the perfect finishing touch to your look. Once you choose an outfit from Tom Ford and spray on some perfume from Diptyque, stop into the Corner Bookstore to find your new favorite book to read.

The Corner Bookstore Exterior New York |
(Courtesy The Corner Bookstore)