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New York City Gives You More Reasons to Get Your Vaccine

New York City Gives You More Reasons to Get Your Vaccine

There are more reasons than ever to roll up your sleeves and get vaccinated against COVID-19. Vaccinating is not just about keeping yourself safe and keeping those around you healthy; it’s about giving you privileged access to events along with discounts and freebies, of which only vaccinated people can take advantage.

Yankee Stadium

If you love baseball, get yourself to the Bronx as soon as possible. After getting a vaccination at Yankee Stadium’s dedicated site, you’ll receive two free tickets to an upcoming Yankees game. As the Bronx Bombers inch closer to first place, you’ll want to have a prime seat to watch the baseball game fireworks. Now that NYC is pretty much open and Yankee Stadium is back to allowing full capacity attendance, it’s essential to be vaccinated when you’re around large crowds.

Yankee Stadium is offering free tickets if you get vaccinated there l
Yankee Stadium (© Meryl Pearlstein)


Shows and events are beginning to trickle back into New York City life. One of the earliest adopters, Bruce Springsteen, has brought his “Springsteen on Broadway” smash back to the St. James Theatre starting this month. But there’s one serious catch: you can’t attend if you haven’t been vaccinated. You must have had an FDA or WHO-authorized vaccine, which includes the AstraZeneca shot in addition to the Pfizer and Moderna versions. So, what are you waiting for? The Boss won’t be around forever, and this is the sold-out show that wowed Manhattan for months and months. Seeing Bruce perform the show live is an entirely different experience compared to watching it on TV.

Get your vaccine to see Bruce Springsteen back on Broadway l
Bruce Springsteen (© Meryl Pearlstein)

Madison Square Garden

Vaccinated-only is becoming the watchword when it comes to attending superstar music performances, too. Take The Eagles Return Tour, for example. You must show proof of vaccination even if you arrive at Madison Square Garden with a ticket. Having a negative COVID test isn’t enough. When you purchase your ticket online, you’ll be asked to agree to the new COVID-19 vaccine guidelines, and you’ll see that tickets indicate a “vaccinated-only section.” If you’re a New York state resident, apply for the Excelsior Card, which is your vaccination passport to many events. It’s easy to show – you simply add it to your iPhone wallet or just keep the app handy on your phone to show contactless entry.

The Eagles will play to an all-vaccinated audience at Madison Square Garden l
The Eagles return to Madison Square Garden (© Meryl Pearlstein)

Empire State Building

How would you like privileged entry to the 86th floor of the Empire State Building? Here’s a way to beat the lines and the ticket prices while getting vaccinated at the same time. The Empire State Building has opened a vaccination center on its 80th floor, a mere 1000 feet above the ground! You’ll need to book your appointment in advance for a shot at the iconic building. Your second appointment will be made onsite. After your vaccination, you’ll be whisked up to the observatory on the 86th floor, where 360-degree views of Manhattan will be your reward at no charge.

See the inside of the Empire State Building when you get vaccinated there l
An insider’s view of the Empire State Building (© Meryl Pearlstein)

Krispy Kreme

Do you just love those glazed doughnuts fresh from the oven? Times Squares’ enormous Krispy Kreme wants to give you some free doughnuts. Of course, you can still do the whole Krispy Kreme Doughnut experience—watching the doughnuts being made, getting that kooky Krispy Kreme hat and all. It’s the perfect goofy Times Square experience for young and old, but when you show your proof of vaccination, you’ll also get a pair of free doughnuts. Spend your savings on the perfect cup of coffee to accompany your sweet treats.

Free donuts from Krispy Kreme if you're vaccinated l
Krispy Kreme Times Square (© Meryl Pearlstein)

The Original Nathan’s Famous Hot Dogs

There’s nothing like a hot dog to stave off hunger after getting your vaccine. So schedule your shot, stay the requisite 15 or so minutes afterward to monitor for any after-effects and then head to the beach. Specifically, take the subway to Coney Island to the original Nathan’s Famous. Show proof of your vaccination, and you’ll get a free hot dog with all the trimmings.

Discounted Entry into Many Attractions

Thanks to the Mayor’s Office, vaccinated guests can obtain a discounted ticket for an ever-expanding list of famous New York City attractions. Schedule your shot and plan your visit to the likes of the New York Aquarium in Coney Island, the New York Botanical Garden (Bronx), Brooklyn Botanic Garden and the Bronx Zoo.

Orchids at the New York Botanical Garden l
Orchids at the New York Botanical Garden (© Meryl Pearlstein)

With proof of vaccination, theater and music lovers can receive discounted membership to the Public Theatre and Lincoln Center.

If sports is your thing, in addition to the freebies offered by the New York Yankees, the Brooklyn Cyclones in Coney Island and the New York City Football Club are offering reduced-price tickets.

To make sure you can visit all that the city has to offer, your proof of vaccination also gets a discounted ride on the NYC Ferry and a free two-week Citi Bike membership to help you tool around the city with your clan.