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Las Vegas Drinks: Lost Spirits is a Liquor Lover’s Dream

Las Vegas Drinks: Lost Spirits is a Liquor Lover’s Dream

If you’ve ever pictured a theme park based around alcohol, Lost Spirits might be the closest thing you’ll ever find to that dream. Located inside AREA15, the distillery is one-of-a-kind and host to some fantastic technology you’ve never seen in a distillery. I was invited in for a press preview of the space (no drinking on the job here) so read along below for a tour of this stunning attraction.

Walking In

Entering AREA15, Lost Spirits is located directly to your right by the exit door. The steampunk vibes and plush detailing are immediately intriguing, but this is only a taste of what’s to come. Your first taste of the space is in a small interior room (the “Magic Elevator Room) where you’ll sample the distillery’s “Japonisme” and meet some of our hosts—one of which is a fabulous AI who may attempt to sell your belongings later.

Havana Hologram Lounge

From here, you will be led into a stunning lounge area with live entertainment—that is, if your definition of live includes holograms! The performers of this fantastic Havana-esque lounge are stunning holograms filmed with a green screen. You’ll sample the “Cuban Inspired Anejo Blanco” here; it’s the perfect fit for the festive atmosphere. You can tarry here for a while until you’re ready to head to your next destination.

Havana Hologram Lounge at Lost Spirits Las Vegas |
Havana Hologram Lounge at Lost Spirits (©Wonho Frank Lee/Courtesy Lost Spirits)

Candle Lit Forest

From here, you’ll be escorted out to the “shuttles”—specially designed golf carts that have the look of old-school cars (you may have seen them zipping around the parking lots). The carts take you from the main building at AREA15 to one of the warehouses on the other side of the parking lot (you’ll be incredibly grateful for the breeze during the summer months). You’ll enter into a dark space surrounded by tealights and shadows. You’ll have a chance to “tap the admiral” here, where your hosts will be pouring “Navy Style Rum” from the distillery.

Surprises in Every Corridor at Lost Spirits Las Vegas |
Surprises in Every Corridor (©Wonho Frank Lee/Courtesy Lost Spirits)

The Distillery

Once your eyes adjust, you’ll wander down a dark corridor and into a hallway filled with red lanterns as though you’ve entered a deserted Asian ally in the dead of night. You’ll emerge in a small parlor area before entering the actual distillery part of the tour. The rich scents will lure you in as you learn about the distilling process and facilities.

Distillery Machinery at Lost Spirits Las Vegas |
Distillery Machinery at Lost Spirits (©Melanie Lee)

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

Shortly after the educational portion of your tour, you’ll be sampling the “Framboise” near the submarine docks before you prepare for your voyage under the sea—that is, 20,000 leagues under the sea (you’ll be sampling a beverage with the same name here). The submarine journey is well-equipped with unexpected entertainment to last until you arrive at your aquatic destination. This experience is the last stop on your fantastic trip, so soak up the atmosphere as much as you can.

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea Room at Lost Spirits Las Vegas |
20,000 Leagues Under the Sea Room (©Wonho Frank Lee/Courtesy Lost Spirits)

When you exit your under the sea adventure, you’ll enter the gift shop, where tropical birds will hawk discount deals to anyone that will listen. Make sure you’ve thoroughly explored the space and wandered your fill (there are hidden tasting rooms and surprises around every corner) before embarking on a cart ride back to the main building. The best part? This immersive distillery is only 1/3 complete, so there will be plenty more to enjoy in the future.

Atmosphere at Lost Spirits Las Vegas |
Atmosphere (©Wonho Frank Lee/Courtesy Lost Spirits)