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Instagrammable Dining at Nusr-Et Steakhouses

Instagrammable Dining at Nusr-Et Steakhouses

Nusr-Et Steakhouses have become wildly popular worldwide thanks to the power of social media. Since its inception in 2010, Nusr-Et has seen a massive spike in global popularity and recognition. Their vast network of premier steakhouse locations now spans four continents. Not only has the restaurant’s expansion been incredibly rapid but also incredibly successful. It’s no wonder that Nusr-Et Steakhouse has become one of the most talked about culinary experiences on the internet, with thousands of people everywhere raving about them.

The restaurant’s signature steaks are renowned for being top-quality cuts that are expertly seasoned with a unique blend of spices and herbs made especially for Nusr-Et restaurants. This secret recipe is kept tightly under wraps but has been praised for its unique flair. You can find Nusr-Et Steakhouses all across the country with locations in Las Vegas, New York City, Boston, Miami, Los Angeles and Dallas.

New York Steak at Nusr-Et Steakhouse | The Welcome Guide®
New York Steak (Courtesy Nusr-Et Steakhouse)

Inside the Instagrammable Nusr-Et Steakhouses

The success story behind Nusr-Et can largely be attributed to its engaging social media presence – from celebrity endorsements to inspiring customer photos – which has helped them stay ahead of the competition by bringing its products into the limelight like never before. “Mr. Saltbae’s number one priority is high-quality meat offerings and five-star service. Much like a “dinner and a show” style experience, which fits perfectly within the Vegas landscape. Serving guests by way of theatrical tableside service is our specialty,” Avci said of the interactive serving style.

The menu features dining options that range from unique to thoroughly extravagant, with items like the Golden Tomahawk. Meats like the Spaghetti and Lokum are some of the restaurant’s popular tableside dishes that include a presentation with lights, smoke and plenty of fanfare. “The menu has been thoughtfully and specially created by Saltbae himself. The high-quality and marbled wagyu steaks are showcased in almost every “meaty” dish,” Avci told us. “There are no marinations and no sauces. Saltbae wants guests to taste the steaks right from the charcoal grill with a pinch of the infamous Maldon salt. He created the menu with this sole critical component in mind. Additionally, all meat is grilled on hot lava rocks.”

Meat Sushi at Nusr-Et Steakhouse | The Welcome Guide®
Meat Sushi (Courtesy Nusr-Et Steakhouse)

If you’re looking for the perfect order from the almost overwhelming menu, Avci has some suggestions of his own. “The perfect menu order is as follows: Meat sushi, Nusret Salad, Carpaccio as appetizers; the Nusret Special and a Wagyu tomahawk or Amor as entrees, and the mouthwatering dessert, Baklava with Maras Ice Cream to finish.”

While the restaurant is most known for its extravagant dishes, you don’t have to drop serious cash to enjoy a meal. Nusr-Et Steakhouse recently incorporated a happy hour menu with various items for under $15, including the SaldBae Wagyu Beef, Salmon Crostinis and SaltBae Fajitas. Cocktails, wine and beer, are also discounted during happy hour for $6-8. Make sure to check out one of the restaurant’s exclusive cocktails, like Sunset on the Bae or the Chef’s Blade. “The cocktails were designed to complement the rich steak and seafood offerings,” Avci said of the cocktail program. “This is reflected in the flavors, ingredients and even the presentation of the cocktails. We also offer a wide range of still and sparkling wines and beers from various regions of the world.

Baklava at Nusr-Et Steakhouse | The Welcome Guide®
Baklava (Courtesy Nusr-Et Steakhouse)