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Inside SERRA by Birreria at Eataly Flatiron

Inside SERRA by Birreria at Eataly Flatiron

Summer might be winding down in New York City, but there’s still plenty of time to enjoy al fresco dining and soak up as much summer sun as possible before the leaves begin to fall on the Big Apple. SERRA by Birreria opened at Eataly Flatiron this spring and brought a stunning space, locally-sourced ingredients and a delicious menu perfect for warm weather in NYC. We talked with Eataly Flatiron’s Executive Chef Michael Nogera about the menu and the restaurant’s collaboration with Invincible Summer Farms for The Endling Project.

Dinner at SERRA by Birreria New York |
Dinner at SERRA by Birreria (Courtesy Eataly Flatiron)

A Look at New York’s SERRA by Birreria

WT:  What inspired the design for Serra?
Serra draws inspiration from the rustic greenhouses in the Italian countryside, offering a beautiful new ambiance that changes with every season and is reflected in the menu.

WT: Italian cuisine has so many amazing dishes. How was the menu curated, and what went into deciding which items to include?
Nogera: At Serra, we strive to have a menu that is both traditional and true to local seasonality. Taking advantage of fresh local ingredients allows us to give the Italian classics something unique that diners can enjoy with a new perspective beyond what they may be used to.

WT: Will a lot of the ingredients be sourced locally? ·
Nogera: At Eataly, all ingredients are locally sourced or a product of Italy. Just like the Italians say, we strive to eat with the seasons; this gives us the chance to have fresh, quality ingredients that change seasonally.

WT: Can you tell us a bit more about The Endling Project? ·
Nogera: Eataly has teamed up with our long-time local partner, Invincible Summer Farm, to bring awareness to their new initiative, The Endling Project. The farm is working to protect various plant species from extinction with the help of green-thumbed volunteers and their dedication to growing and nurturing seeds. The Endling Project provided Eataly employees with seeds, information, and resources to grow their very own plant at home and help continue the efforts of the farm!

WT: How will the menu change throughout the year? 

Nogera: The menu at Serra changes with the seasons, and dishes adjust based on what ingredients are the freshest and available at that specific moment while keeping the Italian traditions of every season. Serra partners with the Union Square Greenmarket and therefore, whatever they have available we implement in our menu. Menu items may even change within a season if one product becomes less readily available and another takes over (such as with our Cello cocktails in this current iteration. We began the season with a variation relying more on seasonal fruits and have now cycled towards a new listing including the perfect summertime ingredients such as Tomato, Corn, and Watermelon.

Cocktail Selection at SERRA by Birreria New York |
Cocktail Selection at SERRA by Birreria (©Courtesy Eataly Flatiron)