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Inside Caviar Bar at Resorts World Las Vegas

Inside Caviar Bar at Resorts World Las Vegas

Last month, one of the most anticipated new restaurants debuted at Resorts World Las Vegas, adding to the property’s collection of fine dining options. We had a chance to see (and taste) what diners can expect at the new restaurant during a press preview and got to chat with Chef Shaun Hergatt about what’s in store for guests at Caviar Bar.

Caviar Bar Lobster Las Vegas |
Caviar Bar Lobster (©Sabin Orr)

Inside Caviar Bar at Resorts World Las Vegas

In addition to caviar from his own line, the restaurant serves numerous antipasti, bites (like the savory baby waffles) and plates make for a perfect snack or multi-course meal. With a name like Caviar Bar, you can certainly expect to see caviar on the menu, but the main specialty can be seen in the desserts (with a blackberry cheesecake shaped like a caviar ball) and the seating and design. The restaurant’s opulent Russian touches are courtesy of designer Roman Vnoukov.

Chef Shaun Hergatt’s restaurant in New York City, Vestry, was one of few to earn a Michelin star in its first year, and he brings upscale cuisine, fun design and, of course, lots of caviar to the resort. We asked Chef about the restaurant and his favorite menu items below.

Chef Shaun Hergatt on Caviar Bar

What inspired you to open Caviar Bar?
Hergatt: I was approached with the opportunity to open in an all-new resort, and I chose a caviar-centric concept for a couple of reasons: because I am passionate about caviar and think it’s an amazing product, I had also opened my own caviar company, Caspy Caviar, so that was part of the inspiration.

Chef Shaun Hergatt |
Chef Shaun Hergatt (Courtesy Caviar Bar)

How did you choose Resorts World Las Vegas as its home?
Hergatt: There was mutual interest and because Resorts World was a brand-new hotel—the first big thing to happen to Las Vegas in nearly a decade, and it was the perfect opportunity and perfect synergy between the hotel and the restaurant to be able to launch something in Vegas that was meaningful.

Are there any items you brought over from Vestry?
Hergatt: No—Caviar Bar is a completely different concept, that is 100% an original idea that has been spawned from a person who is purely passionate about caviar. Everything was custom designed for Caviar Bar—we spent a lot of visionary effort and technical skill, with everything being custom built in Italy to ensure when you walk into the restaurant that you feel and know that everything has been created for this one particular place.

What is your favorite thing on the menu?
Hergatt: Well, I love all the things on the menu. I try to make the menu and dishes philosophically individual, but every single one of them has the same thought process and effort put into them. I think they shine for what they represent, what they taste like and what they really are. I try not to have any weak spots on the menu—I want everything to be delicious.

Caviar Bar Interior Las Vegas |
Caviar Bar Interior (©Sabin Orr)