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Indoor Dining With a View in New York

Indoor Dining With a View in New York

New York City loves to push your expectations to the limit and make them bigger and better. One way they do this is through rooftop dining, where the perfect decor, a gorgeous view of the NYC skyline and a delicious meal combine to create a memorable city experience. If the weather’s a little cold or way too hot, don’t let that spoil your fun. You can still find plenty of indoor dining high above the city, offering you great meals and sights that will have you feeling on top of the world in the Big Apple.

Dining With a View in New York City

ONE Dine at One World Observatory

The One World Observatory sits at the top of One World Trade Center in the Financial District. It offers a 360° view of New York City as well as tours that appeal to all five senses. Being that high might make you work up an appetite, so visit the 101st floor and take a seat at ONE Dine. This gourmet restaurant is located inside the observation deck, so you’ll have a taste of fine dining while gazing out from one of the highest points in the city. Treat yourself to some high-end dishes like their Atlantic salmon topped with charred broccolini or their 10-ounce filet mignon. If you’re in a sharing mood, order one of their sharing plates like their Ahi Tuna Tower or fried calamari so everyone can join in on the fun. ONE Dine is sure to be your one spot for dining at great heights.

A Meal at ONE Dine New York |
A Meal at ONE Dine (Courtesy One World Observatory)


The Museum of Arts and Design in Columbus Circle knows a thing or two about works of art. You can find more of them when you visit the top floor and step into Robert. This restaurant will turn your meal into a masterpiece by taking you above the heart of the city. It stands out thanks to the orange and purple decor and contemporary artwork hanging from the ceiling. When you take a seat, you’ll find yourself looking out at the top of Columbus Circle and the green trees of Central Park. Their menu is a work of art as well, as you can order their spin on classic dishes like Scottish salmon, branzino and lobster tagliatelle. There’s more to their meal than the main course, as you have creative options like a small dish off the restaurant’s weekend “Sunset” menu or a cheese sample from around the world.

Dining a Robert New York |
Dining View (Courtesy Robert)


If you want to go above the city while staying close to Midtown, take a trip to Gaonnuri in Nomad Tower. This restaurant in Koreatown offers classic Korean dishes on the 39th floor, treating you to beautiful views of the city skyline at any time of day. Their specialty is Korean barbecue, as you can enjoy a bite of ribeye, short rib or pork belly marinated in classic flavors over their grill. If that isn’t your style, don’t worry. They also offer a variety of seafood dishes. Treat yourself before your meal with a taste of octopus when you order the Calamari Salad or the Seafood Pancake. For your entree, try the Salmon Gui served with a soy lemon glaze and quinoa.

Gaonnuri Table View New York |
Table View (Courtesy Gaonnuri)

Peak Restaurant & Bar

One of the newest restaurants in the city offers a stylish meal high above Manhattan rooftops. Peak Restaurant & Bar is located in Hudson Yards, a neighborhood all about taking your city experience to new heights. Located on the 101st floor of 30 Hudson Yards, their menu is filled with a healthy variety of modern American dishes. It can satisfy all of your cravings thanks to their food sourced from land, sea and garden. Many of their options are also gluten-free and vegetarian so that you can eat healthy thousands of feet above the city. Start your meal off with their Squid Ink Chitarra, made with clams and seaweed for an authentic seafood experience. For your entree, their Green Circle Chicken is the way to go. Its combination of butternut squash, bacon and coq au vin creates a farm-fresh taste to a classic dish.

Dining Room View at Peak Restaurant & Bar New York |
Dining Room View at Peak Restaurant & Bar  (©Alex Staniloff)

Mr. Purple

If you’re looking for a good time high above the city, stop into Mr. Purple on the Lower East Side. This lounge sits on the 15th floor of Hotel Indigo and offers excellent drinks and gorgeous city views. Their menu is made of small bites of classic American dishes, so you’ll always have room for more. The Mr. Purple Burger offers double the flavors thanks to their double patties, cheese and salt and pepper fries on the side. If you want a taste of something different, try their Short Rib Empanada stuffed with short rib, fontina cheese and tomatillo salsa. Pair any of their dishes with a drink of your choosing, be it cocktails or spirits. With a winning combination of great food and a view that brings you close to the sky, Mr. Purple is the perfect place to spend a night in the city.

Mr. Purple Bar New York City |
Bar View (Courtesy Mr. Purple)

Ophelia Lounge

There are plenty of restaurants in New York City that sit on the water, but how about a meal above the water? Ophelia Lounge sits on the 26th floor of Beekman Tower, where you’ll get a 360° view of the East Side. You can see famous sights like the East River during your meal that will take your breath away. Their menu has a variety of classic American fare that will satisfy any foodie. From pasta to seafood to steak, you’ll find what you’re looking for on their menu. You’ll feel like you’re a part of the sea when you order the market fish that’s paired with healthy sides like grilled zucchini and wilted spinach. Their mushroom truffle ravioli blends the tastes of Italy with the sweet flavors of the city, thanks to their truffles and sarvecchio parmesan sauce. Pair your dish with one of their specialty cocktails, and you’ll have a lounge experience like no other.

Bar at Ophelia Lounge New York |
Bar Seating (Courtesy Ophelia Lounge)