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Healthy Choices For the New Year in New York City

Healthy Choices For the New Year in New York City

When you visit New York City, you’re bound to find different food options waiting for you to take a bite. While they may taste delicious at the moment, they may not be entirely healthy. Luckily, several restaurants want to help with that.

Healthy Choices For the New Year in New York City

There’s been a recent surge in restaurant openings throughout New York City that focus on organic, plant-based meals for customers at any time of day. Whether you’re stopping in for a quick bite or a family meal, you’ll have something nutritious on their menus with a great taste too.

Eva’s X Cinco De Mayo

A popular healthy restaurant in Queens is Eva’s X Cinco De Mayo. This restaurant has been in the city for over 40 years, and it continues to serve healthy Mexican and Mediterranean dishes to customers today. They’re known for their wraps and burritos that are served in whole wheat wraps and filled with various healthy ingredients. Some choices include the chicken-based “New Yorker,” the classic Mediterranean “Falafel Hummus,” and the vegetarian “Knock Out.” You can also find more traditional healthy dishes that you can pair with your wraps to give yourself a well-rounded meal. You can have one of their grilled chicken, “Power Plates,” a healthy smoothie and even a vegan or protein-based dessert!

Divya’s Kitchen

If you’ve always wanted to have the benefits of yoga, but working out isn’t your style, try some of the food at Divya’s Kitchen! This Indian restaurant in Bowery bases its meals around the Indian practice of Ayurveda, a medical science centered on balance and wellness through food. You can come in for lunch or dinner and be offered something different each time that is sure to be good for you. You can start your meal with a small bite like soup, salad or a cracker and dip platter. Try some of their traditional stir fry and vegetable curry for larger meals, or have something different like their vegan lasagna. If you like what you eat, you can take some of their ingredients home with you from their shop or attend one of their cooking classes and learn how to make some of their classic dishes.

Cucumber Avocado Salad From Divya's Kitchen New York |
Cucumber Avocado Salad (Courtesy Divya’s Kitchen)

Little Beet Table

If you want some healthy plates closer to home, you’ll find them at Little Beet Table. This restaurant is located on Park Avenue near Madison Square Park, so each of their dishes has a little bit of style added to it. Their meals are vegetable-forward, so they’re always prioritizing healthy choices in each item. You’ll find classic American food on their menu with a vegetable twist on each one. You can get a traditional burger with the “Mushroom & Black Bean Burger,” a cabbage and avocado-filled shrimp taco and even rigatoni filled with kale pesto, pistachio and mint. Little Beet Table offers one-of-a-kind meals for customers that will help them eat their vegetables alongside their favorite meals.

Le Botaniste

Le Botaniste is a restaurant that offers an old-fashioned spin on modern healthy dishes. When you visit this restaurant on the Upper East Side, you’ll step into what looks like a 19th-century pharmacy. What you’ll really find is a Belgian restaurant offering plant-based, organic dishes that every visitor will enjoy. Each meal comes in an eco-friendly bowl made with four layers of grains, toppings, herbs and veggie garnishes. Some standout bowls include the Italian-inspired “Pasta Bolo,” “Spicy Chili Sin Carne,” and even a salad in a bowl when you get the “Botanical Salad.” If bowls aren’t your style, they also serve sushi rolls and crackers with a healthy dip.

Vegetable Bowl From Le Botantiste New York |
Vegetable Bowl (Courtesy Le Botantiste)