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FlyOver in Las Vegas Debuts on the Strip

FlyOver in Las Vegas Debuts on the Strip

FlyOver in Las Vegas gives you a theme park vibe and a travel experience all in one. Located in the Showcase Mall, the stunning attraction is the perfect thrill ride alternative for those uncomfortable with the heights necessary for zip lines or helicopter rides. We were treated to a preview of “The Real Wild West” before its opening so that we could share the experience with you here!

The Real Wild West at Flyover in Las Vegas |
“The Real Wild West” Scenery (Courtesy FlyOver in Las Vegas by Pursuit)

Walking In

Entering from the Las Vegas Strip, you’ll immediately encounter screens that give you just a small taste of what you can expect from FlyOver in Las Vegas. There are two different flights— “The Real Wild West” and “Iceland.” You can purchase different ticket options (there are local discounts) that include single rides, double rides and double rides with drinks.

From here, you’ll enter the “decompression zone.” This immersive, darkened hallway allows guests to take a few moments to let their eyes adjust and prepare for the journey ahead. You’ll follow the lights and screens until you emerge into the lobby. This space is designed to mimic your trip to the bottom of a canyon. The blue tiles represent the river, the lights above represent the night sky, and even the seating is shaped to imitate the shapes you would encounter in a slot canyon.

Flyover in Las Vegas Lobby |
FlyOver in Las Vegas Lobby (©Melanie Lee)

Boarding & Pre-Show

There are two theaters at FlyOver in Las Vegas, and the process is fully automated and timed for a seamless transition. Each theater has four pods that fit ten people each (40 people per theater), and masks are required. The boarding room gives you a preview of what to expect with the large screen depicting various scenes of famous west coast natural landmarks.

The pre-show is a journey in itself—a journey through time. Your narrator will guide you through the different scenes throughout the history of the “wild west” and the formation of the land as we know it today. Here, you’ll also be briefed on the safety procedures for the ride.

Flyover in Las Vegas Pre-Show |
FlyOver in Las Vegas Pre-Show (©Melanie Lee)

The Ride Experience

As you walk into the theater, you might be thinking the room looks pretty familiar. The creator of “Soarin’” designed FlyOver in Las Vegas. The 52.5-foot screen is fully immersive and angled so that you genuinely feel you are placed into the scenery from all angles. The glider seats move gently but will give you the feeling of floating weightlessly through each scene—the light mist, the breeze and the scents of nature add to the immersive experience as you fly over some of the most stunning scenery the west coast has to offer.

Flight Seating at Flyover in Las Vegas |
Flight Seating (Courtesy FlyOver in Las Vegas)

We won’t give away any more of the experience or view, but we will say you’ve never seen Las Vegas like this before. Exiting the ride, you may feel the need to start planning a west coast road trip with the ride as some pretty compelling trip inspiration. FlyOver in Las Vegas is truly a one-of-a-kind experience in Las Vegas.

Scenes from "The Real Wild West" at FlyOver in Las Vegas |
Scenes from “The Real Wild West” (Courtesy FlyOver in Las Vegas by Pursuit)