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Find Exotic Flavors at SUGARCANE

Find Exotic Flavors at SUGARCANE

Exotic Cuisine at SUGARCANE raw bar grill

Looking for a place to get your global flavor fix? Look no further than SUGARCANE raw bar grill. The restaurant serves up a unique fusion of flavors and classic dishes with an exotic twist. SUGARCANE has locations in both Las Vegas and Miami, so you can enjoy its amazing food no matter which side of the country you visit.

“SUGARCANE raw bar grill represents an escape from your daily life… a place that’s warm, welcoming and unique in both its spirit and soul. Our ‘kick back, eat well, stay awhile’ ethos has been a part of our DNA since we opened in Miami’s midtown district in 2010. Food-wise, from the beginning, we have leaned into Latin and Asian-inspired flavors and cooking techniques. We consider ourselves a “global bistro”—a casual, yet super cool spot to taste and sample innovative, creative dishes,” Chief Operating Officer Dana Riccobono said of the restaurant’s unique concept. “While flavors and influences from South America, Japan and other countries find a place on our menu, we are not hemmed in by strict geographical definitions. Simply put, the SUGARCANE culinary experience is fluid and flavorful, and we think that’s what really matters. Last but not least, the spirit of sharing and the pleasure of eating well—tied to the market’s freshest offerings–has also always been a key focus.”

Bar and Private Dining Room at SUGARCANE raw bar grill Las Vegas |
Bar and Private Dining Room at Las Vegas Location (Courtesy SUGARCANE raw bar grill)

What to Expect

You’ll find delicious dishes from all over the world at SUGARCANE, like Goat Cheese Croquettes, Corn Ribs, Hokkaido Scallops and the restaurant’s popular Duck & Waffle. “From the outset, SUGARCANE had three distinct kitchens in mind: an open fire grill, raw bar and a traditional kitchen, which is how we came up with the name SUGARCANE raw bar grill,” Riccobono told us. “We are influenced by the best ingredients and recipes from all over the world including the U.S. (See fan-favorite classic double burger in Miami and buttermilk marinated fried chicken sandwich in Las Vegas). People love our menu for its variety: from raw and fresh light dishes (think crudos, shellfish, tartare and more) to creative comfort food to vegetarian dishes.”

While the majority of the menu stays the same between both locations, there are some differences. “We share many dishes between Miami and Las Vegas, including our signature Duck & Waffle, Bacon Wrapped Dates and Goat Cheese croquettes,” Riccobono explained. “Both locations have world-class raw bars serving oysters, ceviche and a poke bowl. And both locations offer a rum-forward cocktail menu that pulls from SUGARCANE’s unparalleled rum offering. In Las Vegas, we serve brunch every day, which that particular market loves. Las Vegas does not serve traditional sushi; however there are ceviche, tartare, tataki and more for those craving raw fish in our Sin City locale.”

Corn Ribs at SUGARCANE raw bar grill |
Corn Ribs (Courtesy SUGARCANE raw bar grill)

The Design

“Our ethos at SUGARCANE is: Kick back, eat well, stay awhile. Our design reflects that. Incorporating authenticity and warmth, both spaces use organic textures, salvaged ironwork, reclaimed shutters and vintage “found objects.” The result in both locations are vibrant, open interiors with an uncanny ability to be both lavish–and laid-back,” Riccobono said of the spaces.

“The biggest challenge in bringing the Miami vibe to Las Vegas was the fact that there was no outdoor space. The garden patio at our Miami location is truly iconic, and the indoor/outdoor dining experience makes it a favorite for many. To breathe that outdoorsy vibe into the Las Vegas locale, we brought over the signature tropical ceiling fans from Miami. We also wove as much live greenery into Las Vegas as we could to signal that lush Miami energy. The color palette of both locations leans into warm golds, sultry reds and earthy browns, with pops of other colors centered around art-specific elements.”

SUGARCANE raw bar grill Miami Interior |
Miami Interior (Courtesy SUGARCANE raw bar grill)

The Menu

“Like any high-quality restaurant, we do update our menus occasionally,” Riccobono said of the menu. “While we watch food trends, we are careful not to change too much given how our loyal diners turn to us again and again for dishes they simply can’t find anywhere else. We avoid chasing fads but do keep our eye on market trends.”

“Most recently, we added a whole slate of menu “imports” from our London-based sister restaurant, Duck & Waffle, including vegetarian Corn Ribs (vegetarian) with spicy sticky sauce and Puy Lentils spinach, sweet onion, organic yogurt, miso, nasturtiums, as well as the decidedly non-vegetarian BBQ-Spiced Crispy Pig Ears.”

Puy Lentils at SUGARCANE raw bar grill |
Puy Lentils (Courtesy SUGARCANE raw bar grill)

Fun Facts

“Our signature dish, Duck & Waffle, has an interesting story behind it. The iconic Duck & Waffle dish was born in Miami at SUGARCANE raw bar grill when we opened. Years later, Duck & Waffle, the restaurant, debuted in London in 2012. With two million Duck & Waffle dishes sold—and counting—the dish offers a delectable combo of sweet, salty and savory that is truly crave-worthy.

Today, foodies enjoy the dish at SUGARCANE raw bar grill in Miami and Las Vegas, at London’s sky-high 24/7 eatery Duck & Waffle restaurant, and even order it from Goldbelly, where it’s available to ship nationwide.”

“Rum is also a big part of our story. SUGARCANE boasts one of the most robust rum selections in both Las Vegas and Miami. As our restaurant’s namesake, it makes sense as sugarcane is the central ingredient in the fermentation of rum. While the majority of rum is produced in the Caribbean and Latin America, it is made in a host of other countries, including Japan, Spain, Thailand and the U.S. This multi-cultural production mirrors SUGARCANE raw bar grill’s inspired menu and spirit. SUGARCANE celebrates rum’s rich history, a cultural touchpoint that braids music, faith, food, art and tradition together.”

Miami Patio at SUGARCANE raw bar grill |
Miami Patio (Courtesy SUGARCANE raw bar grill)

*Interview has been edited for length and clarity.