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Father’s Day In Boston

Father’s Day In Boston

Between quarantines and lockdowns, odds are you’ve spent a lot more time with dad this year than last. How about getting him out of the house on June 20th and treating him to dinner for Father’s Day. Boston is definitely a foodie town, and these restaurants are perfect for a family celebration.


There aren’t a lot of Malaysian restaurants in Boston, so it’s a good thing Penang is serving quality, authentic food in Chinatown. Treat dad to street food staples and fare that you’d find in any Malaysian home kitchen. The chicken or beef satay are charred to perfection over charcoal and served with a sticky peanut sauce. Chow Kueh Teow is a must-order dish with Malaysia’s famous stir-fried noodles, shrimp, squid, and eggs in a rich soy and chili paste sauce. If your father is one to immediately have food envy when a sizzling plate of fajitas goes by, make sure he orders the Penang-style spicy sizzling beef.

Underdog Hot Chicken

Head to Allston for some of the best fried chicken in Boston. Underdog Hot Chicken has five levels of spice for its sandwiches, wings, tenders, and drumsticks. The highest spice level will have even the most seasoned spice lover sweating in no time. The menu is small, which is great for those who hate making decisions. There are three combo orders and a handful of sides. That’s it—no frills, just great chicken. The #2 combo includes three tenders, aside, and a drink. The juicy tenders are marinated, fried, dunked in a secret blend of spices, and served with the house-made “comeback sauce.” Throw in an extra wing, drumstick, or tender for an additional charge.

The Capital Burger

The Capital Burger is Backbay’s newest corner joint. From the soft brioche buns to the boozy milkshakes, everyone is sure to have a good time dining here. There are six signature burgers on the menu; the house burger comes loaded with French onion-style caramelized onions, Wisconsin Grand Cru gruyere cheese, and shallot aioli, while the funky blue cheese and truffle burger has cabernet-braised sweet onions and a deep earthy flavor. If dad prefers his beef at least six feet away from a bun, the dry-aged prime NY strip steaks come served at your preferred temperature with one side. There are also salads, sandwiches, and children’s options, so the entire family will leave satisfied.

Jinny’s Pizzeria

The team that brought you Sycamore, Buttonwood, and Little Big Diner has a new venture in Newton. Jinny’s Pizzeria is the family spot to share a pie and make some memories. The slow-fermented dough is fired in a 700-degree wood fire oven and served blisteringly hot. The menu is divided into two sections, red pies and white- red pies come in traditional flavors like Margherita, pepperoni, and sausage. There’s also a creative pizza twist on an Italian sub which comes topped with mortadella, provolone, hot peppers, onions, and oregano. The best white pie to get this spring is the spring pea and wild ramp pizza with local mozzarella, smoked bacon, and delicate pea tendrils.

Nautilus Pier 4

Sharing is caring at Nautilus Pier 4 because every menu item was created around a sense of community and shared food experiences. It’s very much a New England restaurant and relies heavily on the local seafood and produce that make the area a wonderland for foodies. Start with charcoal prawns roasted in chili paste, black garlic, lime, and finished with a coconut vinaigrette. The “XO Clam Tagliatelle” is not to be missed. The hand-cut egg noodles are soft, and the green garlic, wakame butter, and Hong Kong xo sauce transport diners across the globe.

Fiya Chicken

If dad likes spice, take him to Fiya Chicken for some mouth-numbing Korean chicken. The wings, tenders, and sandwiches are twice-fried, and there are also fried corndogs. The corndogs are nothing like your state fair favorites. The dogs here come in a variety of types—mozzarella, traditional hotdog, or both (you should do both), deep-fried in pancake batter (yes, pancake batter) until it’s crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside. The chicken on the sandwich is brined in buttermilk, double-fried, and then brushed in the fiery house sauce before being topped with kimchi and garlic dijon aioli.