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Experience the Real Story of The Titanic In Los Angeles

Experience the Real Story of The Titanic In Los Angeles

Take a journey back to the era of 1912 by visiting “Titanic: The Exhibition” in Los Angeles. This awe-inspiring immersive experience gives visitors an up-close look at the creation, launch and tragic sinking of one of the most famous ships ever built—the RMS Titanic. As you make your way through detailed recreations of the ship’s interior, you’ll find yourself immersed in the sights, sounds and stories from that ill-fated voyage. You’ll also get a close look at relics that survived the sinking, and you can step onto a Discovery Gallery sea floor complete with sand and broken artifacts from the Titanic’s sister ships.

Inside “Titanic: The Exhibition”

Journeying the Maiden Voyage of the RMS Titanic

“The experience is a narrative journey that brings to light the fates of the passengers and crew, starting from the conception and design of Titanic and her sister ships, through the experiences and fates of the passengers and crew aboard, to the discovery of the wreck and the legacy Titanic leaves behind – including survivor stories and the famous James Cameron movie,” Zaller explained. “Set inside fully immersive re-creations of the ship’s interior, the artifacts help navigate guests through Titanic’s timeline from sinking to underwater discovery.”

Photo Op Area at "Titanic: The Exhibition" Los Angeles | The Welcome Guide®
Photo Op Area at “Titanic: The Exhibition” (Courtesy Fever and Imagine Exhibitions)

A Look Inside the RMS Titanic

“Our Titanic exhibition is the largest and most immersive touring experience in the world,” Tom Zaller, President & CEO of Imagine Exhibitions, Inc., said of the exhibit. “This exhibition features more than 300 artifacts from survivors as well as items from three of the White Star Line ships – including Titanic, the long-lived Olympic (Titanic’s identical sister ship), and the Britannic – to portray the life of Titanic accurately and respectfully without disturbing the wreck’s final resting place. The artifacts are all over 100 years old and are used to support the overall story of the people and the time and are set in unique environments surrounded by powerful media moments and a compelling narrative storyline. Our use of immersive galleries like the full-scale, two-story Grand Staircase brings to life the opulence and grandeur of this Ship of dreams, while others set the stage for the tragic experience of the ship’s fate. In the end, the combination of objects, set recreations and media moments tell a human story that is timeless.”

Boiler Room at "Titanic: The Exhibition" Los Angeles | The Welcome Guide®
Boiler Room at “Titanic: The Exhibition” (Courtesy Fever and Imagine Exhibitions)

A Real-Life Look at the Sinking of the RMS Titanic

“I love this story,” Zaller said of the experience. “Titanic has been a part of my life since the late 90’s when I had the incredible opportunity to dive to the wreck site. I’m always amazed by how people continue to be fascinated by the story; it’s every man’s story – the story of hopes and dreams. The biggest challenge is faithfully bringing this incredible story to life in a way that resonates with every visitor – whether it’s through the boarding pass that corresponds with a real-life passenger that allows each guest to follow an individual story as they explore the first, second, and third-class galleries with their corresponding artifacts, or through the immersive chronologic galleries and the narrative that unfolds.”

“I personally love the “wow” factor when guests enter the immersive Grand Staircase, or later in our Discovery Gallery that’s dedicated to the discovery and research of the Titanic’s wreckage site. The Discovery Gallery features a raised glass floor simulating the impression of walking along the ocean floor with broken china in the sand that allows visitors to experience some of what discovery teams saw during dives to the Titanic site. And at the end of the exhibition, visitors have the option to explore the wreck even further in a virtual reality experience that features 360° imagery of the Titanic’s final resting place.”

Third-Class Cabin at "Titanic: The Exhibition" Los Angeles | The Welcome Guide®
Third-Class Cabin at “Titanic: The Exhibition” (Courtesy Fever and Imagine Exhibitions)