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Experience the Magic of Disney Animation

Experience the Magic of Disney Animation

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Walt Disney Animation Studios has partnered with Lighthouse Immersive to create “Disney Animation: Immersive Experience,” a new exhibition set to debut in December 2022. The exhibit will feature iconic scenes and characters from Disney’s most popular animated films, including recent hits like “Encanto” and “Frozen,” along with classic Disney films like “Peter Pan” and “Pinocchio.”

"Big Hero Six Scene" From "Disney Animation: Immersive Experience" | The Welcome Guide®
“Big Hero Six Scene” (Courtesy “Disney Animation: Immersive Experience”)

Journey Through Disney Animation in 2023

What to Expect

“Disney Animation: Immersive Experience” uses cutting-edge projection technology to transport guests into the world of their favorite Disney movies. Guests will be able to explore beloved locations like Arendelle from “Frozen” and Pride Rock from “The Lion King,” and interact with beloved characters like Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck and Goofy.

“Audiences will feel as though they’ve entered the incredible worlds of beloved Disney characters and will become one with them,” Corey Ross, Producer of “Disney Animation: Immersive Experience” and Co-Founder of Lighthouse Immersive, explained. “The experience immerses audiences in the works of Disney Animation in a way that makes them feel they are standing alongside their favorite characters, seeing their worlds through their eyes.”

"Encanto" Scene From "Disney Animation: Immersive Experience" | The Welcome Guide®
“Encanto” Scene (Courtesy “Disney Animation: Immersive Experience”)

“While our previous exhibitions have focused on the life and work of renowned painters and artists, this experience takes audiences into the writer’s room at Disney Animation Studios to see the work of Disney Animation’s acclaimed animators from a new perspective. Disney Animation: Immersive Experience is also more family-oriented than our previous offerings. It was heartening to see families bring their children to Lighthouse ArtSpace venues to see the famed works of Van Gogh, Frida Kahlo and Monet in motion, but we anticipate that kids will be even more excited about an experience starring their favorite Disney Animation characters. In addition, our Lighthouse ArtSpace venues have been recognized as state-of-the-art when it comes to immersive experiences, with ideal projection and sound systems. We never skimp on anything – these are beautiful, roomy, comfortable spaces where the audiences can truly feel immersed in the Disney Animation Studio’s works.”

"Moana" Scene From "Disney Animation: Immersive Experience" | The Welcome Guide®
“Moana” Scene (Courtesy “Disney Animation: Immersive Experience”)

The exhibit will debut at Lighthouse ArtSpace Toronto in December 2022 before traveling to Cleveland, Nashville, Detroit, Denver, Boston, San Antonio, Las Vegas, Minneapolis and Columbus in the first quarter of 2023.

“The experience is more of a smorgasbord of Disney Animation’s most acclaimed works that are meant to envelop audiences in the various worlds expertly crafted by Disney Animation Studios creative teams, from Encanto’s La Casita to The Lion King’s Pride Rock, dozens of films are represented,” Ross told us. “The program also features highlights from the canon of Disney music, songs that have played an enormous role in the lives of so many of us.”

"Frozen" Scene From "Disney Animation: Immersive Experience" | The Welcome Guide®
“Frozen” Scene (Courtesy “Disney Animation: Immersive Experience”)


The exhibition utilizes the latest technology to immerse visitors in the worlds they’ve seen throughout the years via Disney animated films. “Lighthouse Immersive has worked at the intersection of art and technology from the beginning. Our projection mapping technology utilizes dozens of high-end projectors to illuminate entire rooms from floor-to-ceiling, creating a 360-degree experience that immerses audiences in the subject matter of the presentation,” Ross told us. “For this show, audiences will step into the universes of their most beloved Disney Animation characters, from classics like “Peter Pan” and “The Little Mermaid” to newer releases like “Encanto” and “Frozen.”

Some of the talent behind Lighthouse Immersive’s most popular exhibitions can be found behind the scenes of “Disney Animation: Immersive Experience. “We are fortunate to have Tony Award-nominated designer David Korins working on interactive elements in the lobby of some of our Lighthouse ArtSpace venues,” Ross said of the team. “Prior to entering the gallery, audiences will get a look at what goes into creating the characters and worlds that they know and love, going back to the roots of hand-drawn animation through to the digital design techniques used today.”

"Lion King" Scene From "Disney Animation: Immersive Experience" | The Welcome Guide®
“Lion King” Scene (Courtesy “Disney Animation: Immersive Experience”)
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