EVolve Rentals Brings Electric Cars to Las Vegas

The brand new company makes renting an electric vehicle easily accessible on the Las Vegas Strip.

Melanie Lee

May 17, 2022

While it's easy to get around the Las Vegas Strip without a vehicle, summer is the perfect time to do some exploring around the outskirts and the surrounding national and state parks. Renting a car can be rough, but EVolve Rentals brings a new experience to Las Vegas—electric cars. The company has a fleet of Teslas available to rent at Resorts World Las Vegas, and we talked with ​​EVolve President John Marino about the experience and the fleet of electric vehicles.

Tesla Model 3 at Resorts World Las Vegas |

Tesla Model 3 at Resorts World Las Vegas (Courtesy EVolve Rentals)

Renting a Tesla With EVolve Rentals

Aside from being carbon neutral, what really separates you guys from the everyday rental?

Marino: There are two things, really; one is we have an all-electric car rental fleet, so that's unique from Avis or Hertz. And then second is that you can go different places and rent like a Model 3 or a Model Y, but you won't find too many places to rent a Model S, and you won't see a Model X anywhere because they're very expensive cars, they're about $100-150,000 cars. So coming to Resorts World and having a unique experience that you can't get anywhere else, not on this trip, but actually many hometowns in America.

We feel like this is truly creating a unique experience, and we're super excited to be partnered here at Resorts World to offer it to people. Then, of course, you have this unique thing with the Vegas Loop. We've taken a Tesla, you know, underground from the like I just sent it over here. That's going to be pretty cool because we got the station here that people can come off and rent a car for a day, a week, a weekend, whatever they want.

Is this your first location? Are you guys planning on any more in Las Vegas? Or in any other cities?

Marino: That's right; this is our first location. We're definitely looking at expanding here locally as well as nationwide. So, we're working on that, but we're debuting here in Resorts World. It's a good match. It really is.

What really inspired you to start Evolve?

Marino: It's really twofold. One, when Elon Musk came up with Model 3 and booked 300,000 Model 3's in one week, he had pre-orders. I was like, wow, this is a huge opportunity. This might really take off. And you know, when people travel, they want an electric car, they want to stay with an electric car. And there are also people who are just thinking about buying an electric car.

This is a great way where you can rent a car for a day and take it home and see if you like it. So whether you're a local person in Las Vegas or you're traveling to the city, I think this is a great opportunity for people whether that's like your birthday, wedding anniversary, whatever you want to do and you want to check out the city. On and off the strip. This is a great way to do it.

What's unique, you don't have to put your card on the security deposit. You know, any time that you use a Supercharger, you would normally just reduce it right from there. There are a lot of charging stations all across the city; if you just plug it in, you can do it for free.

How did you decide which models you wanted to have in your fleet?

Marino: So we wanted to have all four models, and then we even have the Cybertruck on order. We plan on this being the first location in Las Vegas where you can rent a Cybertruck and take that out. You know, when you drive any one of the Tesla's, they're all different, and they all have their own characteristics like, you know, like, The Battle Ax has got the gullwing doors.

The Model S is one I compare to a BMW 7 series. It's got all the bells and whistles it could ever want. It's like a driver like a supercar, which is just fun. And it goes super fast. And then you know, the Model Y, the crossover. The entry-level is the Model 3, which is you're just getting into a first electric is a great, a great starter car and it's, and it's a beautiful car and fantastic.

Tesla Fleet at Resorts World Las Vegas |

Tesla Fleet at Resorts World Las Vegas (Courtesy EVolve Rentals)