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EDC Returns to Las Vegas

EDC Returns to Las Vegas

One of the most highly anticipated events returned to Las Vegas this past weekend. The Electric Daisy Carnival was initially scheduled to return in May 2021 but was postponed for health and safety reasons. Its return in 2022 will see the festival back in its usual month (May).

The Electric Daisy Carnival Experience

For 2021 EDC took place from October 22-24. I was hosted by Insomniac, the parent company of EDC, to share the event experience.

Couple Under the EDC Lights (©CCW/Courtesy EDC Las Vegas) |
Couple Under the EDC Lights (©CCW/Courtesy EDC Las Vegas & Insomniac Events)

Health and Safety

Heath and safety were top of mind on opening night at EDC—which celebrates 25 years this year. Security warned entering festival-goers to have their COVID-19 vaccine. Adds and government-issued ID ready for the arrival checkpoint. Negative COVID-19 test results were allowed in lieu of vaccination proof, but everyone in the lines around me appeared to be showing vaccination cards. Bag checks were quick and thorough (it never hurts to have a clear Stadium bag to expedite the search process).

Masks were not uncommon at the festival, and many attendees opted for face covers that complemented their elaborate costumes, proving that face masks make great accessories. In fact, I saw more masks than at previous festivals, which could potentially be attributed to the fantastic weather and cooler temperatures.

The overall vibe on Friday night was pure joy. The excitement felt by returning attendees was highly palpable. Festival goers tended to stay in small clusters, and crowds at each stage (we visited them all) were thinner than expected as many parties opted to stay in small groups further back. I talked with multiple attendees, and all of them voiced excitement and feelings of safety.

EDC Las Vegas Costumes (©Keiki-Lani Knudsen for Insomniac Events) |
EDC Las Vegas Costumes (©Keiki-Lani Knudsen for Insomniac Events)

Partnership with Roblox Metaverse

Recently, EDC joined the Roblox Metaverse- the first music festival to do so. This move allowed viewers worldwide to view virtual stages and become part of the EDC weekend from afar, further adding to the health and safety strides the festival has taken.

In a recent statement, Insomniac founder and CEO Pasquale Rotella spoke about joining the Roblox platform, “To partner and create with a metaverse leader like Roblox is an exciting opportunity for Insomniac. Bringing people from all over the world together through art and experience is a goal we’re always working hard to achieve, and together with Roblox, we are able to expand this into the digital world. This experience takes the creativity and inspiration behind EDC and all other festivals and events to new heights. Bringing our vision to life digitally and opening up the wonder and magic of EDC to anyone of any age, no matter where they are. As we say at EDC, “All Are Welcome Here”.”

Jon Vlassopulos, Vice President and Global Head of Music for Roblox, echoed the sentiment in his own statement, “We are excited to offer more amazing permanent music worlds like this one in the coming months as we continue to help the music industry engage with our global audience in new and unprecedented ways.”

Kinetic Field at EDC Las Vegas (©Jose Murga for Insomniac Events) |
Kinetic Field at EDC Las Vegas (©Jose Murga for Insomniac Events) 

Contagious Excitement

Opening night kicked off at 5 p.m. with a two-hour opening ceremony before doors officially opened to the entire grounds at 7 p.m. Lines to enter prior to that time were short, and signage was everywhere directing attendees to wristband checkpoints and health screenings. Festival-goers were cooperative and prepared. Performances included DJ Moore Kismet and a surprise appearance by Illenium.

The bright colors and neon lights certainly contributed to the celebratory atmosphere. With music pumping through every corner of the Las Vegas Motor Speedway, the good vibes were more than a little contagious. I chatted with several EDC regulars who expressed pure joy at their return. “My excitement level is 10 out of 10,” one told me, while another exclaimed her happiness at finally being able to attend once more. “I’ve had these tickets since 2019,” she told me.

Fireworks at EDC Las Vegas (©ALIVECOVERAGE) |
Fireworks at EDC Las Vegas (©ALIVECOVERAGE)