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Discover the World of Slime at the Sloomoo Institute in New York City

Discover the World of Slime at the Sloomoo Institute in New York City

The Sloomoo Institute in New York City is a unique and innovative sensory play experience for children and adults alike. This one-of-a-kind attraction has gained widespread popularity for its extensive collection of colorful slime, offering visitors the opportunity to explore and experiment with various textures, colors, and sensations.

Founded by two best friends, Karen Robinovitz and Sara Schiller, Sloomoo Institute is the first and only slime museum in the world. The institute features a series of interactive exhibits that encourage visitors to awaken their creativity, stimulate their senses, and indulge in some hands-on fun.

The museum has an impressive collection of different types of slimes, ranging from the traditional gooey and stretchy slime to the more unique and unusual slimes, such as metallic, magnetic, and cloud-like varieties. Each slime has its own unique properties, including texture, color, and scent, providing visitors with an endless array of sensory experiences.

The institute also offers workshops where visitors can learn how to make their own custom slime. Led by expert slimeologists, these workshops teach visitors how to combine different ingredients to create their perfect slime while also educating them on the science behind the slimy substance.

In addition to the slime exhibits and workshops, the institute also features a number of interactive installations, including a giant ball pit, a rainbow-colored foam pool, and a bubble room, all designed to provide visitors with a whimsical and magical experience.

Sloomoo Institute has received tremendous support from the public since its opening in 2019, with tickets often selling out weeks in advance. The institute has become a go-to spot for families, children’s birthday parties, and slime enthusiasts from around the world.

The founders of Sloomoo Institute are committed to promoting play, creativity, and sensory exploration as essential for personal happiness and development. They believe that slime provides a unique and engaging medium for people to connect with their inner creativity and discover new ways to express themselves.

In short, Sloomoo Institute is more than just a museum of slime; it is a hub for creativity, learning, and fun. Whether you are a long-time slime enthusiast or just looking for a unique and engaging experience, Sloomoo Institute is sure to provide an unforgettable sensory adventure.

(Courtesy Sloomoo Institute)
(Courtesy Sloomoo Institute)

Frequently Asked Questions About the Sloomoo Institute

When can I visit the Sloomoo Institute?

The attraction is open from Wednesday to Sunday every week. It operates on timed-entry tickets that can be purchased online in advance. The timing can vary, so it is advisable to check the website for the latest updates.

What can I expect to do at the Sloomoo Institute?

The institute offers a range of fun and engaging sensory activities, including:

  • Make your own custom slime creation
  • Play in a giant ball pit filled with colorful foam balls
  • Take a photo in the bubble ball pit
  • Explore the Glow Room, a darkened room filled with glowing neon exhibits
  • Learn about the history of slime and its different forms
  • Purchase a variety of slime products at the gift shop

How long does a visit to the Sloomoo Institute typically last?

The experience lasts approximately one hour. However, visitors can stay for as long as they like within that hour before the next session starts.

Is the Sloomoo Institute aimed specifically at children, or can adults also enjoy it?

The institute is open to visitors of all ages. Children and adults alike can enjoy the sensory play and learn interesting facts about slime and its properties.

Is the Sloomoo Institute a safe place to visit?

Yes, the Sloomoo Institute is completely safe and hygienic. The staff takes great care to ensure that all areas and equipment are regularly cleaned and sanitized.

The Sloomoo Institute in New York City is a unique and exciting attraction that offers a fun and informative experience for visitors of all ages. With a range of hands-on activities, visitors can learn about the history of slime and its different forms while enjoying a playful and engaging environment. The institute is safe, clean, and accessible to everyone, making it an ideal destination to satisfy your curiosity about the world of slime.

(Courtesy Sloomoo Institute)
(Courtesy Sloomoo Institute)